Deeper Access Control On More Doors

Aug. 3, 2015
Secure your commercial clients’ interior openings with Schlage® NDE Series Wireless Locks With Engage Technology

The new Schlage NDE Engage now has a demo unit available, and it is extraordinary in many respects. Even its packaging is smart; it is a two-part kit, with the lock mounted into a reinforced case which is held in place by the NDE’s latch engaging in a removable stainless steel ANSI strike plate also installed into the demo case. A small drawer in the demo case holds an assortment of credentials, a lever tool, and a couple of Schlage keys.

Now locksmiths have a professional and easy way to transport sample unit for sales presentations, a perfect training aid for you to learn and instruct the programming and operation of the lock, and also a spare unit you can install if you do a really good sales presentation, or you find you need to replace a component on a lock. This lock is very well constructed, and is very immune to attack and abuse.

Allegion has gone the distance with respect to training aids and product support/information on their website especially where the NDE is concerned. Thorough product documentation and instructional videos are there to get you up to speed quickly.

Everything is easy to locate and use. Besides end-user brochures, there are technology white papers and much more. Of special interest is a full blown product specification which is suitable to include in with your bids.

If you’ve never viewed a bid spec, this is a good one to checkout. Most projects have bid specs hundreds if not thousands of pages long containing painful details about every conceivable aspect of a new building or upgrade project. Everyone reads them, swears by them and bids them knowing they will need change orders as the owner keeps changing her mind about things; they run over budget, and the subs fail to meet the time schedule for completion.

The bid spec puts all the NDE features and options in a single document and brings into focus what a powerful device the NDE is as both a standalone lock or network administered access control component. I dig it a lot.

Those locksmith Ledger readers who have previous experience with standalone locks should appreciate this new approach to self-contained access controls, especially how the NDE can use a smartphone as an access credential.

It would be a fun thing to conduct training or perform a sales presentation with this demo, and even better with Internet access and a large monitor available. All the technology fits together so well, and best of all, the stuff works.

The Schlage® NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, the NDE Series helps to migrate from mechanical hardware to a credential-based electronic solution for interior office doors, common area doors and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep.

The NDE Series simplifies installation by combining the following components all in one unit without having to drill additional holes or run wires to each opening.

  • Lock
  • Credential reader
  • Door position sensor
  • Request-to-exit switch

The NDE conveniently retrofits into standard ND door prep without drilling additional holes and installs in about 15 minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver.

ENGAGE™ is a connectivity platform that simplifies the ability to connect people and openings to deliver cost effective intelligence and efficiency to any facility. Free cloud-based ENGAGE™ mobile and web apps make it simple to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere. For customers looking for more advanced capabilities, it is used to configure and connect locks to an access control alliance partner system.

The ENGAGE mobile application is now available and is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

The NDE Series is compatible with most proximity and smart cards including aptiQ™ and aptiQmobile. ™

AptiQmobile uses the smart phone as a credential. This is considered an important innovation because end-users are likely to have their phones. It eliminates the housekeeping chores associated with physical credentials without sacrificing the security advantages of multiple authentication factors and is more cost effective that traditional credentials

aptiQmobile™ is a showcase on simplicity. You can:

Easily assign aptiQmobile credentials using your existing access control software (or the aptiQmobile Admin Portal if your system provider isn’t a member of the aptiQ Developer Network).

Eliminate the need to print student IDs or keep an inventory of cards on hand.

Respond to student needs remotely and issue credentials in seconds. No more waiting for them to come to the card office.

Allegion has tested and certified a variety of phones for use with aptiQmobile™, including popular models from these manufacturers. In addition, aptiQmobile™ works with any phone carrier.

  • Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5s (with NFC case)
  • Apple iPod Touch (with NFC case)
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Kyocera
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • OnePlus One
  • Sony

New phones models are launched regularly, most of which are expected to be compatible with aptiQmobile™ given the following requirements: Device is NFC capable and Android OS (4.1 and higher)

To deploy a NDE lock all that is required is a Phillips head screwdriver and an ENGAGE mobile app compatible smart phone or tablet. (If you want the convenience of automatic daily updates you will need a Wi-Fi internet connection at the lock.)

ENGAGE™ technology was designed to be simple and intuitive to use. If the members of your team can use a smart phone and a web browser, you can leverage ENGAGE™ technology in your business with minimal training.

To get you started, a series of "How To" videos are available at

Anyone can be invited to assist with administration of your site through the web and mobile applications at one of three levels of authority:

  1. Administrator: The site Administrator has full access to the database and lock configuration settings. The Administrator is able to add and remove users, connect to locks to send updates, retrieve and view lock audits, and initiate and view the results of the lock self diagnostic test. The Administrator is able to delegate authority by inviting or removing other Administrators, Managers and Operators.
  2. Manager: The Manager shares the same authority as the Administrator but is able to delegate authority by inviting or removing only Operators.
  3. Operator: The Operator is the most limited role. The Operator is able to connect to locks to send updates, retrieve audits and initiate the self-diagnostic test. The operator cannot make modifications to the database.

Engage NDE Specs

  • Designed to be the easiest electronic lock to install, connect, manage, and use
  • Fits mechanical ND Series door prep with no additional holes
  • Installs in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver
  • Lever handing is field reversible in seconds; no tools required
  • Innovative integrated door position sensor requires no additional door prep
  • Manage lock configuration and users from anywhere using the ENGAGE web and mobile apps
  • Send updates manually at the lock, automatically daily when connected to Wi-Fi, or in real time when linked to the new ENGAGE gateway and connected to one of the Access Control Alliance partner systems
  • Up to 5,000 users and up to 2,000 audits
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables automatic daily updates within 24 hours
  • Storeroom function with Vandlgard
  • Up to 2 years of battery life with 4 AA batteries
  • Compatible with major brands of key systems
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL 294, UL10C, FCC Part 15, ADA, RoHS, Industry Canada (IC)