Tech Tips: Programming Essex Standalone Keypads

June 1, 2015
Three short video clips show programming basics

The Essex SKE-34 (3 X 4 style keypad) and SKE-26 (Narrow Mullion two rows of 6 buttons) are heavy duty self contained access control keypads with many features that make them suitable for a variety of applications and environments including residential institutional and harsh environments.

These devices have an integral Form C 2A main output relay, as well as two .25A open collector outputs which can operate exterior relays and be controlled in a variety of ways. The keypads may be configured to operate at 5 VDC or 12/24VDC. The keyboard is laser etched Stainless steel piezio actuated with no moving parts, and weather/vandal resistant, available in several finishes, and with accessories that include illuminated spy-proof rim and card reader interface.

The unit can be adapted for relatively sophisticated door control, operating as a standalone and requiring only power and a lock to control.

Although I am no stranger to custom designed systems, it is essential to always strive for a simple, reliable solution. This makes troubleshooting and reprogramming more routine and less challenging.

Although a keypad does not provide authentication beyond the memorized code, security can be enhanced by issuing up to 500 unique user codes up to eight digits long.

Applications which want more convenience than requiring a key and less security than using dual authentication abound, especially in 24-hour manned facilities such as health care. Installing these on low security openings does not prevent higher security solutions to be deployed on higher risk areas.

Another technique is to distribute a single code to all end-users and then update the code frequently. This discourages casual abuse of the keypad while reminding authorized users that security is important.

Where delayed egress systems are used, these keypads mounted on both sides of the door provide an ideal means of bypassing the maglock by staff while maintaining a secure opening for patients.

Here are three videos which demonstrate how simple it is to reprogram ESSEX SKE keypads. If you do not perform programming on a regular basis, it is very easy to forget the exact process, and watching a quick refresher video, perhaps right in a smartphone, can save time and prevent unnecessary inconvenience and expense.