Newsbriefs, March 2013

March 4, 2013

Secura Key: Wiegand Card Supplier

Chatsworth, CA - Secura Key has been and continues to be a reliable and trusted manufacturing resource for many types of access control cards.  Now, Secura Key is the only resource for Wiegand Cards to the industry.

Secura Key also manufactures multi-technology Wiegand cards, such as Wiegand + Contactless, for those who would like to transition to a newer card technology.  Multi-technology transition cards allow the end-user to keep using their system, while replacing the Wiegand swipe readers at their own pace. Secura Key’s e*Tag® readers output SIA standard Wiegand data, and can easily replace existing Wiegand Swipe readers, using the existing field wiring.

Secura Key manufactures Wiegand + MIFARE, and Wiegand + DESFire dual-technology cards, as well as special MIFARE and DESFire compatible e*Tag® readers. Secura Key has already provided these Transition Cards and readers for a major multi-national transportation company.   Secura Key can manufacture Wiegand cards in virtually any format, if the technical specification for the format is provided.

Secura Key also offers custom card printing capability, with the latest digital 4-color printing technology from Hewlett Packard.  Secura Key offers Wiegand Cards in matte or glossy (graphics quality) finish, with available features such as magnetic stripe, slot punching, laser engraving and ink jetting.

Originally well known for its Barium Ferrite TouchCard™ products, Secura Key now provides software-based systems with proximity technology, and also supplies HF contactless smart card readers and credentials to the RFID industry, as well as UHF cards and keytags.  Secura Key also offers in-house custom card manufacturing and 4-color printing in a wide variety of card technologies. More Info:

HID Global's Top Secure Identity Trends of 2013

HID Global has released its projections for the top secure identity trends of 2013. The predictions span a broad range of market segments including physical access control, logical access control, and mobile access control using NFC-enabled smartphones. Other market segments covered in the company’s projections include visitor management, secure credential issuance, and RFID tagging for traditional asset tracking applications as well as new uses, such as product and document certification and authentication.

“As a company that provides the industry’s broadest range of secure identity products, solutions and services, HID Global offers a unique perspective on the factors driving key industry developments and the adoption of new technologies,” said Selva Selvaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer with HID Global. “We believe that 2013 will be a watershed year for the secure identity industry, due to important advances in technology that will drive increased security and an unprecedented user experience across both existing and new markets.”

From HID Global’s perspective, the trends unfolding during 2013 that will impact market direction and influence how organizations will create, use manage secure identities include:

  • Users want to move towards a more “frictionless” security experience.
  • Mobileaccess control will accelerate and dramatically change the industry.
  • NFC-enabled smartphones will still co-exist with cards for opening doors and other applications.
  • Access control will continue to converge on cards and NFC-enabled mobile devices.
  • The industry will accelerate its migration from magstripe to prox to smarter smart cards.
  • Identity management will move to the cloud, supported by new managed services.
  • Secure issuance advancements will make it easier to create and distribute more secure cards.
  • A new category of trusted NFC tags will change how we secure assets and protect consumers.
  • Highly secure FIPS-201 technology will move beyond the government to commercial applications.
  • Access control systems will increasingly feature integrated visitor management capabilities.

Detailed descriptions of the company’s top ten anticipated 2013 trends can be found in a two-part series on HID Global’s blog.

Kaba Ilco Introduces Cloneable Key Head, Less Battery

Kaba Ilco Corp. introduces the EH3LB cloneable head, less battery for the Ilco® modular cloning program. The EH3LB will replace two of the current modular key heads (EH3 and EH3P) for owners of the RW4 Plus, Ilco® EZ-Clone Plus or *Plus Box.

Features include:

  • No battery
  • One head for both TI and Philips encrypted applications
  • Fits all existing Ilco® modular blades

A software update is required to utilize the EH3LB head. This software is FREE to the registered owners of the above mentioned cloning devices. Those who have registered their equipment will automatically receive the update.

Owners who have not registered their cloning devices should contact the Kaba Ilco Corp. Technical Services Team or register online at, under Products, Product Registration. Once registration is complete, owners may contact the Technical Services Team (Phone 800-334-1381 option 1, e-mail: [email protected]) to obtain information on the Free Software.

Be prepared to provide: Company Name, Contact Name,  Address, Valid e-mail address and Serial Number (this update is for RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus, Plus Box only).

*For owners of an RW4 or Ilco® EZ-Clone, a Plus Box is required to utilize this head.

IR Constructs “High Security” Door Hardware Suite

Hospitals, schools, military, commercial and retail facilities often require openings that need increased monitoring, extra protection against theft or vandalism, or unique safety and notification solutions. For these applications, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has brought together a suite of Von Duprin products that provide high security exit devices and indicators.

“There are many openings that require elevated security based on the people, property and equipment that they protect,” emphasizes Joseph Vaida, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies portfolio marketing manager for mechanical. “For areas such as the data center of an office building, the back entrance to a commercial retail store and specialized areas of a hospital, Von Duprin offers a suite of high security solutions to meet their unique needs.”

For instance, when greater security is required, facility managers can select the Von Duprin 98/99XP exit device available in a rim configuration featuring a two-piece latch that is 90 degrees to the strike pad which delivers more than 2,000 pounds of static load resistance.

If the facility needs to temporarily prevent individuals from exiting a facility while still meeting fire/ life safety needs, the Chexit® by Von Duprin is available on 98/99 Series exit devices to provide a delayed egress solution with options to fit the unique needs of a specific facility. This device meets NFPA 101 “Special Locking Arrangement” and has an optional cylinder dogging (latch remains retracted so that the door swings freely) for increased security.

Although exit devices are commonly dogged open during the normal operating hours of a facility, they need to be secured after-hours. With a dogging indicator light, which can be seen beyond 50 feet from the exit device, this visual indication helps reduce the time needed to conduct inspections.

In schools, classrooms need to be immediately secured for the safety of teachers and students in the event of an emergency.  Whether new construction or a maintenance upgrade, schools can implement a Von Duprin classroom security option with visual status indication. With the visual lock/unlock indicator and 180 degree thumbturn rotation, a teacher or administrator can easily see if exit devices are secured and locked.

More Info: Click Products/Exit Devices/Solutions.

Bald Eagles Under Video Surveillance

Berry College in Rome, GA, has welcomed some new faces on campus - a pair of bald eagles. The college first caught a glimpse of the birds back in March 2012 as they built a nest in a pine tree not far from the main entrance. Although bald eagles had been spotted in the vicinity of the campus for the past few years, this ranked as the first documented nest in the modern history of Floyd County, Ga. Photographers from across the state showed up in droves to capture the activity. But, it turned out the eagles nested too late in the season to produce offspring and, by April, had moved on.

The feathered friends headed home to their nest again this past fall, however, and mated. During that time, the Berry College Telecom / Security team installed a surveillance system to view the eagles following the Department of Natural resources (DNR) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service guidelines.

The system was made possible through the generosity of Fluidmesh, which donated the equipment needed. An outdoor PTZ camera has been mounted on top of an emergency call station 500 feet away from the nest and another 400 feet away from a building in the opposite direction. Berry College selected Fluidmesh to partner with them on this project and donate the radios needed for the system.

The system is up and running and live video streams of the eagles' nest can be viewed at:

As of Jan. 23, approximately 30,000 unique visitors - some from as far away as Japan and Europe - have "tuned in" hoping to see the eagles on their nest.