EMP Gun Safes

March 18, 2014

Hollon Safe has introduced a new line of gun safes that protects against a specific – and growing – type of high-tech threat. The Republic and Reserve series safes already come standard with a new and improved dial lock from Big Red. But now the just-introduced EMP series will feature an electronic lock that won’t fail in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

An EMP – sometimes referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance – is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. It can occur naturally – as with lightning strikes – or can be created artificially. An example of the latter is the devastating pulse common in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

Because high-energy EMPs can be so damaging to electronic equipment, their power is being harnessed for use in weaponry. In the landscape of modern warfare, EMP devices are considered a growing threat. Imagine being able to knock out an adversary’s computers and communications with a single burst before launching an impending assault. In fact, a recent article posted on a tech site noted South Korea’s fear of just such a scenario. Their intelligence sources indicate that North Korea is working on an EMP weapon that would melt electronics for hundreds of miles.

Obviously, an EMP attack would render the electronic lock on a gun safe useless. But with Hollon’s EMP series, the lock comes with a dial override – a new, state-of-the-art feature just introduced in mid-January by Securam – to ensure that the safe’s owner will have access to his or her weapons, even if the unthinkable occurs.

“This is a critical feature,” said Lauren Hollon, sales manager of Hollon Safe Co. “As secure as the most top-notch electronic lock is, it’s useless if rendered inoperable by an EMP. Our new EMP series prepares for that contingency, so the safe owner maintains total control of the lock and is able to open the safe no matter what.”

She also noted that the Republic series is constructed of 300 percent thicker steel than almost every other gun safe on the market, and offers a three-layer drill/ballistic-resistant armored hard plate to protect the lock. In addition, it is UL listed RSC-rated for burglary attacks, one-hour fireproof to remain at 350 degrees even if the outside temperature climbs to 1250, has 1.5-inch mega bolts on all four sides, and is fortified with a 5-inch-thick door for superior defense. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against fire and burglary.

“Between the unparalleled construction and the EMP-resistant lock, nothing is getting into this safe,” Hollon added. “If a structure is reduced to ashes, our safe will likely be the only thing left standing. And your guns will still be safe inside.”

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