The Evolution Of The X-10 Safe Lock

May 2, 2014
The new Backlit LCD display allows the user to easily see the locks visual controls in poorly lit areas. This eliminates the security issue of temporary lighting that could contain cameras.

Government requirements and innovative engineering produced a safe lock in 1992 called the X-07. A ground-breaking feature of the X-07 was that unlocking was accomplished electronically but the X-07 has no batteries or dependency on an outside connection to a power source.  The first rotations of the dial generate enough power to operate the lock.  Kaba Mas refers to this as 'Power Star' Green Technology and a Kaba exclusive. Electrical power then illuminates an LCD screen which displays a series of numbers. Dial rotation in a similar fashion to a mechanical lock is used to complete the unlocking procedure. Improvements in 1999 produced the X-08 version followed by the X-09 version in 2002. 

Kaba-Mas X-0 series combination locks are designed to guard our government's most sensitive documents.  Primary applications are GSA approved containers and vault doors. X-0 locks are in used by the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, the CIA and NSA and on Air Force One. By the way, this includes the launch codes on our nuclear submarines.

The latest Kaba Mas high security safe lock is the newly designed next generation X-10.  X-10 was developed as a direct result of the latest government revisions to specifications FF-L-2740. This specification is the government's highest security standard for container locks and doors. A major revision to this specification is the creation of a style 1 and Style 2 lock. The X-10 has been awarded the distinction of being approved for style 1 applications. X-10 literature states; "style 1 and style 2 locks are not equal. The X-10 is the only self-contained lock and clearly represents the best overall value. The style 2 lock requires batteries and batteries require a maintenance schedule.

Some features of the Kaba Mas X-10 are similar to the previous X-09 design.  This was purposely done to minimize training issues for users who are already familiar with operating the X-09 lock.  Similarities include a reduced view LCD, left-right-left dialing pattern, three operating modes, a full complement of audit features and PowerStar Technology. Operating modes include single user, dual user and a supervisor/subordinate mode. Single mode will allow up to 1 million different combinations. Dual mode will allow up to 500 billion combinations and the supervisor/subordinate mode will allow up to 2 million different combinations. 

The new X-10 features include through-case mount. This simplifies the installation process and shortens the installation time required.  Earlier X-0 versions required removal of the lock cover during the installation process. The X-10 is designed with through-case mounting so the lock cover does not have to be removed. This protects the electronics so the installer is no longer required to wear a cumbersome ground strap. The lock case has a security seal which provides a visible indication if the lock mechanism has been accessed. 

A significant enhancement for the user is the Backlit LCD display. This feature allows the user to easily see the locks visual controls in poorly lit areas. This eliminates the security issue of temporary lighting that could contain cameras. Watch a video about this new backlit feature at

Kaba Mas X-10 locks have an impressive set of specifications. The X-10 records all openings and the record is non-resettable. After 10-14 wrong try errors, the X-10 shuts down for three minutes.  The X-10 is fail secure against high voltage attack, robot attack, X-Ray methods, magnetic, vibration and R/F attacks.  The X-10 has passed required tests for resistance to salt spray, humidity vibration, shock, and required operational temperature ranges.

A CDX-10 version of the Kaba Mas style 1 lock can be installed on pedestrian doors. Various strike plates and dial mounting plates are available as determined by frame and door construction.

Kaba Mas X-10 and CDX-10 locks are exclusively designed for government usage. Locksmiths who work at local government locations may be asked to install an X-10 lock.  Locksmiths should not perform X-10 lock installations until they attend a class and become certified. Kaba Mas has field instructors and classes are being scheduled at various locations. For more details, visit