Securing Firearms With AMSEC Gun Safes

June 28, 2011

Guns come in many sizes. People who own guns have a variety of wants and needs for storage, displaying and accessibility of their weapons. To those ends, American Security Products has introduced two specialty products for rifles: the Defense Vault and the Barrett Gun Safes.

AMSEC Defense Vault Model DV562 provides fast and convenient access to long guns while keeping them safe. The 14-gauge steel construction Defense Vault’s outside dimensions are 6” tall by 52” long by 14” deep. An AMSEC electronic lock operating in conjunction with the slide bar secures the door. Production Defense Vaults will be equipped with the new AMSEC ESL5 Electronic Lock with illuminated keypad.

When the six-digit combination is entered and the ESL5 lock releases, moving the slide bar less than four inches releases the five interlocking tabs that engage the slots in the door. As the tabs release, gravity tilts the concealed piano hinged door down. Inside the Defense Vault is a foam-padded gun tray that slides out of the container on ball bearing sliders. The sliders are rated for one hundred pounds. As the door opens, the tray slides out providing quick access to the stored weapons. Dimensions of the tray are 43-1/4” long by 13” deep.

The Defense Vault has four pre-cut anchor holes in the top and bottom, enabling it to be secured to the floor or installed under a counter. Mounting hardware is included. The 74-pound Defense Vault is a B-Rate with a California Department of Justice (DOJ) listing, and comes with a one year parts and labor warranty.

Barrett Gun Safes are named after Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, the company that builds semi-automatic rifles chambered for .50 caliber ammunition. Following the tradition of these sniper/assault rifles, the Barrett Safe interiors are specially designed to store large caliber rifles and tactical weapons. Depending upon the safe model ordered, up to 26 rifles can be stored. To provide maximum visual appreciation of the weapons, the Barrett Gun safes have a mirrored back wall for improved visibility.

Barrett Safes come with a specially designed slide out tactical weapons storage rack for easy access. The rack’s track folds down and is supported by two legs that contact the floor providing a stable path for the rack to slide out of the safe for easy access to the weapons. A a fixed rack system provides additional long gun storage.

There are four models of the Barrett Gun Safes from 59-1/4” tall by 30” wide by 26” deep to the 71-1/4” tall by 50” wide by 28” deep. The Barrett Gun Safes have a composite door that has either 3/8” or 1/2” steel plate, one inch DryLight insulation having an overall door thickness of 4-5/8” or 4-3/4” thick. The walls are two inches thick encapsulated steel with poured DryLight. This poured concrete insulation material protects valuables against intense fire and burglary attacks. When the door is locked, eleven 1-1/2” diameter chrome plated bolts secure it.

On the interior side of the door, a Tactical Door Organizer (TDO) runs the full length and width of the door. Built into the TDO are different sized compartments to store equipment, ammunition and weapons.

Barrett Gun Safes have a Palusol Intumescent Door Seal. These fire seals are a sodium silicate material surrounded in a thermoplastic contour. When exposed to heat, Palusol Intumescent Door Seal expands with non-combustible sealing foam that expands up to five times its thickness. As the foam expands it fills joints and gaps preventing the penetration of fire and/or smoke. A secondary benefit is evaporating water production as the material expands providing an additional cooling effect.

The made in the U.S.A. Barrett Gun Safes have Mercury Class III fire protection of 1275 degrees for 90 minutes. Mercury Class III fire protection is designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350 degrees. They are U. L. Listed Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification. Barrett Gun Safes meet or exceed the standards for California approved Firearms Safety devices.

Barrett Gun Safes can be ordered with a black nickel Group 2 mechanical combination lock with spy proof key locking dial or a black nickel Group 1 ESL 10XL electronic lock. An additional option available for the Barrett Safe is a light kit.

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