Choosing and Selling Safes Via the Internet

Aug. 5, 2010
AMSEC’s Build-A-Safe feature lets your customers research and then select and configure their safe online.

Selling safes has reached a new level. As locksmiths, we sell safes one of three ways. The first and the best way is to display a safe similar to the unit the customer wants in your showroom. The customer has the opportunity to “kick the tires” and test drive the safe. If there is more than one safe of the desired size, the customer gets to compare the features of the different safes.

If you have limited showroom space, consider stacking smaller safes onto a tall display to give your customers more choices. There are many different configurations and sizes of heavy duty displays for safes. AMSEC offers a Point of Purchase Display Rack that is six feet tall and has a footprint of less than two feet square. The display has three adjustable shelves.

Make sure you have a catalog just in case your customer wants a different color or possible options. Safes sell much easier when there is at least a close model of similar size and overall appearance.

The second or the hard way to sell a safe is from a brochure or catalog section. Even if the information is printed on heavy stock in full color, the sale is not easy.

The third option, selling through the Internet, is better than selling through a mail order catalog as more research can be done at either the business web site or the manufacturer’s web site.

AMSEC (American Security Products) has introduced “Configure a Gun Safe” on its web site, To configure a safe, click on the blue button with white lettering along the right side of the home page. Clicking this button opens the first of four windows in the process, configuring a safe.

The “Choosing a Safe to Configure” page provides photos of nine safe models. Your customer can choose from BF® or SF gun safe. The BF (Burglary Fire Gun Safe) models combine the security features of a burglary safe and the fire protection gained with a fire safe.

The premium BF Series Safes features ½” steel plate door (model BF7250 has 3/8” steel plate) combined with 1” DryLight insulation. Eleven 1½” chrome-plated bolts control entry. The body has a 2” thick wall made of poured DryLight insulation between two layers of steel. BF Gun Safes have the U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification. The fire protection is rated at 1275 degrees for 90 minutes while keeping the interior temperature at below 350 degrees F.

SF Series (60 Minute Fire) models offer protection with ¼” thick steel plate door and three layers of fire insulating material. The body is constructed of 12 gauge solid steel plate with fire insulating material. The fire protection is sixty minutes at 1200 degrees, which is designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350 degrees.

Both series of safes have U.L. Listed Group II Locks with massive hard plate and two relocking devices. The BF and SF Gun Safes have an optional upgrade to an electronic lock.

The BF Series ranges in size from more than 21 cubic feet for the BF6032 to more than 42 cubic feet for the BF7250. The SF Series ranges in size from more than 18 cubic feet for the SF5924 to more than 30 cubic feet for the SF6036.

Once the series (BF or SF) and the size have been chosen, the next window configures the safe. On this page, the customer chooses either a gloss color and related hardware or textures color and hardware. The lock type is then chosen.

When your customer chooses color and hardware, a picture of the safe model in the color with corresponding hardware appears. This way, the customer can see what it looks like. If he or she does not like the color or hardware, it can be changed. The BF and SF Series Gun Safes come in 18 high gloss colors and hardware, and eight textured colors and hardware.

There are four choices for the lock type including AMSEC, LaGard and Sargent & Greenleaf. For the BF safes, the four options all are electronic safe locks.

The next window is accessories for the Gun Safe. The BF accessories include the two or four drawer cabinet, door organizer, gun and pistol racks, desiccant/dehumidifier, light kits and a premium package. Once the accessories have been chosen, the final page illustrates and lists your choices including the interior layout, the exterior color, hardware color and the accessories.

This page can be printed. If a potential customer is surfing the Internet and fills out this page, he or she can request the name of a local AMSEC dealer.

In addition, a list on the left side of the window offers information on quality and durability, burglary rating explained and fire rating explained.

For more helpful information, click on the rectangle just below the AMSEC header “Choosing a Safe”, and a window offers information for determining the type of safe the customer wants starting with the choice of “Safes for Home” or “Safe for Business.”