Innovative Technology By Nuesmart

Feb. 3, 2020
Easily and profitably replace mechanical locks with keypad-operated electronic locks

For many years, locksmiths have depended on jobs requiring individual installations such as replacement of a door closer or deadbolt. Larger Jobs requiring installations of a dozen or two hardware items are few and far between. As the electronic security era approaches, opportunities emerge as customers request hardware changes. Even though existing mechanical hardware may be operating properly, electronics can provide many options not available with mechanical components. One such electronic product is a NS1000 locker lock system by Nuesmart. According to their literature, Nuesmart Inc. is an Australian owned company which develops cutting edge technology for digital locking systems. A company goal is "simple solutions, functional purposes."

Lockers in places such as fitness facilities, hospitals, sports centers or other locations having a quick customer turnover in usage have often been installed using padlocks or keyed wafer locks for security. Lost keys or padlocks left in place past the rental period are a continual problem for management. Nuesmart NS1000 locks provide an opportunity to easily and profitably replace mechanical locks with electronic locks operable by keypad instead of mechanical keys.

During an interview with sales manager Louie Cabutihan, we asked what unique features were included in Nuesmart NS1000 products. First, lock management is completed using your smart phone or tablet. Second, an auto open feature can be scheduled to automatically open the lock which can be set by hour or week. Third, Nuesmart locks contain a test mode. Owners can check for possible errors or do a general lock health check via the quick test/diagnosis mode function. Another feature is an event log which can display activity and operations of the lock and report the last 1,000 general access usages.

Core features include a selectable 4-digit or 6-digit PIN for customer usage. LED faceplate lights are customizable to several different colors. An audible feedback feature indicates when keypad buttons are being pressed. Low battery and tamper alarm features are included. On the basis of 10 usages per day, battery life should last at least 12 months. An OTG compatible power device can be used as an emergency power source. The NS1000 app controller can be used to monitor battery health at any time. A low battery indicator located on the face of the keypad also provides a visual signal of available life.

Basically Nuesmart NS1000 locks are designed with battery-operated keypads for customer use and electronic lock control by owners via an app. One app is available for use by end user customers. This app controls local lock activity operations. Data can be saved and synched via Cloud. An app for Nuesmart dealers is also available. Dealer information is outside the scope of this article. For further information contact

Installation consists of a round 35mm (1 3/8") hole to be drilled through the locker or cabinet door. Two smaller holes must be drilled above and below the round hole to accept retaining screws. Installation is very simple as compared with other lock systems which require specialized square lock mounting cutouts.

For more information, contact Sales Manager Louie Cabutihan at [email protected].