Schlage Goes Modular with New ALX Series Locksets

June 2, 2020
Schlage ALX kits are the perfect addition for quick sales without making multiple trips to a job location.

A comment on the Schlage website states, "we didn't invent the lock. We perfected it." One hundred years ago, Walter Schlage developed an idea for a new type of lockset. At that time, carpenters had to mortise square openings laboriously into the door edge to accept lock cases. During the 1920s, Schlage received several patents for a new type of lockset that required only boring two circular holes for lock installations. A cross-bore hole contained the lock chassis, and an edge bore contained the latch unit. With this invention, the Schlage "A" series cylindrical key-in-knob lockset was born. Highly popular use of key-in-knob locks during the past 100 years shows how perfect the Schlage invention proved to be.

Over the years, mechanical and visual changes have been made to the original Schlage "A" series lockset. Many additional lock functions as well as heavy-duty lockset versions have been added, but the basic cylindrical design still remains. Lever handles in place of round doorknobs were offered after Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility regulations were announced.

Another important lockset change just was announced by Schlage. The new ALX product line adds another chapter to the Schlage cylindrical-lock story. ALX locksets feature a modular design that includes the use of several lock functions in one chassis. ALX series locksets are certified Grade 2, exceeding standards for lever, spindle strength and durability.

Nonkeyed functions include: 10 Passage, 60 Privacy, 44 Hospital Privacy, 170 Single Dummy and 172 Double Dummy. Keyed functions include: 50 Entrance/Office, 53 Entrance, 70 Classroom and 80 Storeroom. All locking functions feature field-reversible Vandlgard protection. Vandlgard allows for the free rotation of outside levers when locked to deter vandals from applying excessive force that could damage the lock. Lock function kits are available in packs of five defined by the required function, finish and latch backset. Latch backsets of 2-3/4 inches are standard. Optional latch backsets include 2-3/8 inches, 3-3/4 inches and 5 inches.

Chassis kit components include the chassis, roses and strikeplate. Finishes for ALX kits include: 605 Bright Brass, 606 Satin Brass, 612 Satin Bronze, 613 Oil Rubbed Bronze, 619 Satin Nickel, 622 Matte Black, 625 Bright Chrome, 626 Satin Chrome, 626AM Satin Chrome antimicrobial and 643e Aged Bronze.

Levers are sold in five packs with inside levers defined by function, finish and design. Outside levers are defined by function/cylinder, finish and design. Lever designs include: Athens, Boardwalk, Broadway, Latitude, Longitude, Omega, Rhodes, Saturn, Sparta and Tubular. Cylinder formats include: conventional, FSIC, SFIC and seven-pin SL options. Lever options to accept competitive cores from SARGENT and Corbin Russwin also are available. All lever designs meet ADA requirements.

Coupled with available electric-strike kits, door closer kits and new Schlage ALX kits, locksmiths now can be prepared for any hardware requirement with all of the components ready and stocked in their vans. For more information, contact your locksmith distributor or: