University of Virginia Installs and Tests The SDC E70 EntryCheck

Last spring, while we were conducting our interview for The Institutional Locksmith Supplement with David R. Handy, supervisor of housing physical security at the University of Virginia, he mentioned that he always was looking for new cutting-edge solutions for the university. We told him we had one of the latest standalone access control units around, the SDC E70 EntryCheck and he said he could use an easily programmable keypad solution for their storeroom where more than $500,000 worth of locks and supplies were kept.

Located in Charlottesville, the University of Virginia is ranked the nation's #2 public university and 23rd among all national universities. This is fact is even more impressive when you consider that only three other public universities are in the top 25. UVA. has the highest graduation and retention rate of any public college or university and is tied for 9th overall.

The University opened for classes in 1825.

About 65 percent of the 19,200 students at the University are Virginia residents; the remaining 35 percent are drawn from across the U.S. and over 100 countries.

Handy's department services Student Housing, with installations, maintenance and replacing lost keys for students. Handy engenders a team spirit that enables this department to synergize its resources to provide service and security to the students that far exceeds what would be expected.

The sprawling UVA campus is constantly expanding. The in-house locksmiths are responsible for about 200 buildings (that's about 10,000 doors and 20,000 keys). David estimates that they change over 1,000 locks in a calendar year. The routine lockouts, semester rekeys and those unplanned emergencies and new installations keep David and his posse of seven hopping.

During our brief visit to install the SDC EntryCheck, Handy's staff had to run out half a dozen times to assist students, faculty and outside contractors, even though it was Christmas break and no classes were in session.

The SDC EntryCheck is designed to install quickly, which was fine with Handy and Mark Madison, who were running all over the campus during what is considered a slow time for them.

This installation was an upgrade from a conventional storeroom cylindrical lock, but the SDC installs easily even if you had to drill a completely clean door. Dull Chrome (626) was appropriate for this installation, but EntryCheck is also available in Polished Brass (605), Oil Rubbed Bronze (613) and Polished Chrome (625) finishes. EntryCheck is also available in a mortise version.

Because they are out on service calls most of the time and the storeroom is unattended, Handy was looking for a lock that would allow easy access to the room without having to give out keys. The SDC would also allow him to obtain an activity log of who entered the room, if necessary.

Only one 3/4" hole through the door face was required ,in addition to the existing standard ANSI 115.18 door preparation. This hole was for the tube, referred to as the raceway which is part of the Entrycheck Trim that provides for safe passage of the flying leads which connect the outside trim to the electrically actuated lockset and the battery pack. Additional leads are provided for the connection of an optional sensor pack.

The tube also provides for a simple yet robust attachment of the inside and outside trim to the door. A large gland nut and lock washer guarantee that the unit will stay put.

Handy wanted a key override, and the lock to be under his grand master (Best seven-pin A2 Master Key System). SDC has the trim and tailpiece for this application.

As mentioned, Handy and Madison face enough challenges on a good day so that they weren't looking to perform a difficult installation. On the contrary, they found doing the installation relaxing and therapeutic, compared to the issues they face with other hardware on campus.

Even with numerous interruptions, the install went smoothly. I could tell the project was going well for a few reasons. First Madison only had to use a hammer once, and it was a lightweight plastic headed hammer. And that was only to set the latch a little better.

When we realized that the programming instructions were not available (why is not important, but in fact, this happens to all of us at one time or another), Handy was able to call up SDC and within moments he was back, smiling at the prompt and courteous treatment he received form Kelly. The instructions were faxed in within five minutes after he called.

Although UVA utilizes several high-end access controls, one of the things that appealed to Handy about the SDC was that the lock could be programmed by IDT (Infrared Data Transmitter) using a computer-managed database or manually through the keypad. For this door, the initial setup could be done simply and quickly without involving a technician or computer operators. The capability to create leveled access and activity logs is available if required but necessary to implement if not required.

Clients and end-users, even sophisticated professionals like Handy and Madison, recognize the value of having capacities and features available, but not having to pay extra upfront, or getting loaded down with complicated programming and management for less complicated applications.

While the E72 may be programmed with the keypad, the optional hand held IDT (Infrared Data Transmission Device) and software provide quick and easy programming and management. Lockset programming is transferred from the computer to the lockset via the IDT. Lockset transaction history is transferred to the computer via the IDT, where records are maintained and printed audit trails are provided. The software is provided free with the purchase of the IDT hand-held transmission device.

The UVA locksmiths admired the quality construction of the EntryCheck, which they felt was equal to the quality of the ANSI Grade 1 commercial locks, and actually thought the latch supplied with the EntryCheck was better quality than what they were using daily. The E72 is a Grade 1 cylindrical lockset, which meets the UL three-hour fire rating and ADA requirements.

The straightforward installation and programming was a big hit, and the customer service they got from the factory was icing on the cake.

E72 EntryCheck Standalone Access Control
The battery-powered standalone E72 EntryCheck provides controlled access for high security applications with multi-level security requirements or applications with minimal requirements for the control of pedestrian traffic. The E72 EntryCheck's extensive versatility and sophisticated features were once only available from hardwired systems. Standard features include:

  • 99 user groups
  • 64 users
  • 50-event audit trail. (The memory can be upgraded on-the-door to 300 users and a 1,600-event audit trail)
  • 32 programmable functions
  • First Manager To Arrive Function (Restricts access of personnel as PINs are disabled until manager arrives)
  • Double code entry
  • Temporary user schedule
  • Basic, group and single-user schedules
  • Unlimited time zones and holidays
  • 150,000 operations on a single set of 4 AA batteries
  • Fits standard door preparation with single 3/4” through-hole
  • Hardwire capability
  • I-Core compatible
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Highly secure IR transmission
  • Mechanical key override
  • Capable of over 233 million possible entry codes
  • Real Time Clock
  • 1,800 scheduled events and holidays and multi-year scheduling
  • Temporary time use codes
  • User ID + PIN or PIN only entry
  • Individual user ID# (3-4 digits)
  • PIN code length 3-6, numeric
  • Alpha-numeric, and simultaneous multiple depression capability
  • Double Entry, 2 PIN codes required for maximum security
  • Access timer 1-9 seconds
  • Scheduled keypad lock-out (computer programmable only)
  • Passage and timed passage enabled at lock or scheduled
  • Select fail-unlock or fail-locked
  • Audio on or off
  • Assignable lock ID number
  • Standard time always or automatic activation of day light savings mode
  • Low battery indication
  • Adjustable date format M/D/Y or D/M/Y
  • ADA Compliant
  • UL Listed, USA and Canada for 3-hour A label and lesser class fire doors.
The16-position keypad is rated at 200 million cycles (and counting). The keypad is capable of changing terminators to increase the security. Another E72 feature is the ability for multiple simultaneous key depressions, which increases the total number of possible entry combinations.

E72 offers both audio and visual system feedback signals. The audio response is achieved through the use of a sounder capable of creating different tones. This gives the user a positive feedback to the locksets' current mode. In order to achieve power savings, the lockset audio can be disabled during normal operation. Visual recognition is provided by a tri-color LED located in the center of the keypad.

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