General Motors Ignition Lock Recall Blog

May 1, 2014
General Motors igntiion locks and switches can fail when excess weight is applied to key ring

General Motors has instituted a recall because there is a risk, under certain conditions, the ignition switch may move out of the “run” position. This possibility increases if there are additional keys, key remotes, etc., attached to the key ring hole.

The first point of GM's 3-Point Check Plan is to REMOVE EVERYTHING from your key ring except your CAR KEY (including your key remote).

According to GM, "The actual service correction time of approximately 90 minutes." This is the time to replace the switch, the ignition lock cylinder and the keys.

One part of the recall appears to be the replacement of the keys to a key style whose "smiley face" hole is smaller. This means, for example replacing the OE 89024363 Chevrolet Bowtie logo key with the OE 20871320. The replacement key has a small diameter, round key ring hole.

Does this signal the end of the mechanical key ignition lock?

As always, we look forward to your input.