Mechanical Override Lock Cylinder

April 15, 2013

Override pin tumbler lock cylinders are built into most of the access control locks in case the electronics cease to operate. Most of the newer, electronic locks have the override cylinder operation indicated as access granted in the audit trail. However, it cannot indicate a specific user.

But when the question is asked, how secure are the mechanical override lock cylinders, most locksmiths consider them not nearly as secure as the electronics. For many, it is an evil necessity that you cannot order most locks without.

Only a few locksmiths have the available resources to install an extra high security lock cylinder. Some will install a restricted keyway lock cylinder. Others have made use of pick-resistant top pins like mushroom or serrated pins to resist unauthorized access.

To maintain a higher level of security, most locksmiths do not put it on a master key system. For large systems, the key override lock cylinder bitting is different for each building. The mechanical override lock cylinder bitting is only available to the locksmiths who service these locks.

How do you handle the mechanical override lock cylinder question?

As always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions and recommendations.