STRATTEC Bolt Update

July 3, 2017
Every customer who drives a vehicle listed in this article is a potential sale for Strattec BOLT products.

Strattec Security Corporation introduced the BOLT lock system several years ago and continues to add more products on a yearly basis. BOLT is an acronym for Breakthrough One-key Lock Technology.

The familiar and secure Strattec sidebar locking system used for decades on GM vehicles has been updated for use with the BOLT locking system. Each wafer in original Strattec GM locks had a precut notch on the side of the wafer. If the six wafer notches were lined up correctly by an inserted key, spring pressure would move the sidebar inward and the lock cylinder could be rotated to a locked or unlocked position as needed.

BOLT locking systems by Strattec use a similar sidebar and wafer tumbler system. However, each wafer has a movable part attached which contains the notch. BOLT lock products are set in a neutral locking position at the factory and are designed to be quickly field-changed to fit existing owners’ vehicle keys. The first time an owner's key is fully inserted into the BOLT lock product and fully rotated, wedge shaped areas in the lock case affix each movable part onto its corresponding wafer and the BOLT lock product is permanently set to operate with that owner's key cuts. No disassembly is required. Bolt sidebar locking systems are designed to prevent picking and bumping.

BOLT lock products are available in nine different keyways to fit various Chryjsler, GM, Ford, Toyota and Nissan vehicles. Products for GM vehicles are available with a standard 10-cut keyway, a "G" code series keyway, a "Z" series center cut (sidewinder) keyway and a "V" series center cut (sidewinder) keyway used for 2015+ Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles. Products for Ford vehicles include both 8-cut and side cut (sidewinder) keyways. Products for Chrysler vehicles include one keyway which will accept both 7 or 8 cut Chrysler flat-type key blanks. Products for Toyota include models which use flat type, ten cut keys. Toyota vehicles which use sidewinder keyways are not supported. Products for Nissan include vehicles which use flat type keys and code series 00001-22185.

Strattec BOLT was first introduced in padlock form. It provided a convenient way for people to lock tool boxes, secure items with a chain or for locking padlock hasps. What began as a one-product item quickly grew as additional ways to use the BOLT locking were requested. BOLT product lines now include specialty towing accessory locks, truck accessory locks and a complete line of BOLT products for Jeeps.

Towing accessories include 17 different models of receiver locks to secure class I to class V receiver hitches. Eight different trailer coupler pin locks are available to prevent vandals from hitching up a trailer.

Truck accessories include a retrofit tool box lock kit. The kit replaces tool box locks such as DeeZee and UWS with a Strattec Bolt locking system. Eight different Bolt lock cylinders are available to operate with various existing vehicle keyways. A Bolt cable lock with a six-foot cable, the original BOLT padlock with hardened steel shackle and a tailgate lock designed specifically for GM Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles rounds out the BOLT truck accessory program.

Jeep vehicles with soft tops are additionally susceptible to theft of contents. Specific Bolt security products for Jeeps include a hood lock for 2007+ JK models, a J mount to secure hi-lift jacks on 1997+ TJ and JK models, a Jeep spare tire lock for 1997+ TJ and JK models, a 5/8" receiver lock and a coupler pin lock both of which fit a variety of Jeep vehicles'

Scope of Strattec BOLT model coverage and years of usage are beyond the scope of this article. Consult your local locksmith distributor for further details. For further information contact: Strattec Security Corporation, 877-251-8798,