A Historical Look At Detex Corporation

Aug. 1, 2016
The well-known access control and door hardware manufacturer started as a watchclock manufacturer in the 1870s

The Detex Corporation we know today has its roots in the Newman Clock Company which began to manufacture and sell stationary watchclocks in the 1870s. Watchclocks were used by security guards as part of their regular premises patrols. Basically, watchclocks contained a clock to keep time and some kind of paper disc or a length of paper strip which was locked inside the watchclock. Keys, each with a different shape, would be hung at each checkpoint along the guard route. Guards were required to stop at each checkpoint, then manually insert and turn the individual checkpoint key. An imprint would be made on the paper showing the checkpoint location and time of imprint, which ensured that the guard was present at each checkpoint.

In 1923 the Newman Clock Company was consolidated with Watchman's Clock and Supply Company, Eco Clock Company and the watchclock division of Hardinge Brothers Inc. and adopted the name of Newman Watchclock Corporation. A few months later the name was changed to Detex Watchclock Corporation.

The Detex mechanical watchclock line improved their mechanical watchclock products over the years and offered four basic models. These included the Guardsman tape model, the Newman watchclock, the Saf-T-Chek and the Newman Quartz models.

Electronics also affected the watchclock market so in 1990 Detex forged a partnership with Securitron Electronics to distribute the GCS line of electronic guard tour systems in the North American market. Detex Corporation discontinued the manufacture of mechanical watchclock systems December 31. 2011. Electronic Guard Tour systems continue to be a part of the Detex Corporation product line.

In 1963 Detex Watchclock Corporation introduced a new line of security hardware products. At that time 'Watchclock' was removed from the company name and Detex Corporation became the official company name. These new security hardware products formed the basis for many types of Detex products which locksmiths recognize today.

Detex Corporation acquired the F Systems Corporation in 1993. This company offered products such as access control systems and optically controlled turnstiles. This acquisition increased the amount of safety and door security solutions which both companies could offer.

Another significant event was the development of the Advantex architectural hardware product line in 1999. Advantex products include a full line of surface vertical rod, mortise and concealed vertical rod exit devices. Simplicity of installation makes Advantex products a locksmith favorite.

In 2008 Detex Corporation entered an agreement with Lockman Peck, LLC to sell a Detex-branded low energy automatic door opener. The A019 door operator series has design and installation similarities common to other Detex products. Detex Corporation acquired the automatic door operator line from Lockman Peck in 2009 and the product has been manufactured by Detex Corporation since 2010.

For more information on the full line of Detex products contact your local locksmith distributor or www.detex.com, 800-729-3839