Protector™ II Padlock — .44 Magnum Tough

May 4, 2015
Medeco’s newest high security padlock stands up to the toughest attacks and environmental demands

Medeco® continues to expand its high security product portfolio with the recent launch of the new Protector II Padlock.  The Protector II Padlock is the essence of high security with its top-loading cylinder and cylinder protection plate to protect against drilling, pulling and picking. The hardened boron alloy steel shackles also provide strong resistance to physical attacks such as cutting, sawing and prying.  Coupled with the UL 437 listed Medeco3 mechanical cylinder, the Protector also resists picking, drilling and other sophisticated forms of attack.

What sets this padlock apart from other padlocks is its unique toe and heel deadlocking action. This proprietary locking technique increases the strength, quality, and durability of the padlock. Typical shackle-locking ball bearings can be highly corrosive in tough environments and can contribute to increased wear factors in high abuse applications, such as might be found on the back of trucks or other vehicles. The Protector II is also key retaining in the unlocked position for the highest level of security.

Protector II Padlocks are ideal for buildings in harsh outdoor or corrosive environments, such as heavy-duty industrial sites, factories, marine equipment, sheds, perimeter gates and other utility applications. The body is constructed of durable, solid, industrial grade stainless steel providing durability in harsh weather and extreme conditions. An optional dust cover provides further protection to the cylinder from weather, dust, and dirt. Right and left side canals along the interior of the padlock channel moisture away from the interior of the body. Two drainage holes on the lower left and right sides of the body allows moisture to drain out of the body minimizing pooling, freezing, and corrosion or water damage to the cylinder. The Protector Padlock comes with the Medeco standard two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Just how tough is the Protector II Padlock? Tough enough for a .44 Magnum to barely leave a dent. Medeco  test engineers fired Dirty Harry’s “world’s most powerful handgun” at the lock three times from seven feet away.  The case remained intact, the shackle remained locked and the key still operated. The Protector also withstood multiple shots from a 30-06 rifle and an AR15 rifle; though in this case the key did not operate, the padlock did its job. The body remained intact and the shackle remained secure.

Medeco also subjected the Protector II Padlock to tensile, shock, plug pull, plug torque and shackle cutting torture tests at an independent testing laboratory. These test were designed to exceed the forced entry required performance values for ASTM: F 883-13 certification. In fact, this padlock is so strong that test engineers worried it would break the 10 ton tensile strength machine.

The Protector II Padlock is available in the choice of medium body, with 5/16 inch shackle diameter or large body, with 7/16 inch shackle diameter.  Shackle lengths are currently available in 1 3/8 inch or 1 7/8 inch.

The Protector is available in several mechanical key technologies including Medeco Original, Medeco Biaxial, and Medeco3 – offering  high security  with the option of patented or restricted key control to protect against unauthorized duplication of keys. Keyed alike, key different or master keyed, the Protector II Padlock offers a variety of options to fit any customers’ specific needs, including availability in all Medeco High Security keyways to key into existing systems.

The Protector is also available with Medeco eCylinders, either Medeco XT or Medeco Cliq  technology to provide electronic scheduling, auditing capabilities and disabling of lost keys in a padlock, providing users  portable and remote loss and liability control. The padlock may be ordered less cylinder (for easy inventory), with a mechanical cylinder installed, or with either eCylinder packed separately.

As shown in the Exploded Views, each Protector Padlock packaged without a cylinder will include a body with shackle, a stainless steel cylinder protection disk (#9), a stainless steel bolt (#8), and a cylinder face plate all packaged separately, but included with the padlock body.  

Cylinder installation is simple and requires no tools.  Simply drop the cylinder faceplate (#11) into the body opening of the padlock (#1) and align the flat side of the plate with the flat side of the padlock cylinder opening. Then, insert the cylinder (#3), keyway down, into the cylinder opening; aligning the side of the cylinder shell housing the pins to the right side of the cylinder opening. Next, insert the key into the cylinder keyway. Then, place the stainless steel bolt (#8) into the body of the padlock by inserting the toe of the bolt (the side with the arrow) into the left side shackle groove. Maneuver the key back and forth until the heel of the bolt falls flush with top of the cylinder. Finally, align the stainless steel cylinder protection disk (#9) so that the bottom bar aligns parallel with the padlock (the half circle cut out will face the front of the padlock). Turn the disk to the right with the finger tips until the semi circle cut out on the disk aligns with the semi circle cut out on the right of the padlock body. Insert the left side of the shackle into the hole, turn the key clockwise and remove the key.

To disassemble the padlock, insert the key into the cylinder keyway and turn counter clockwise. Unlock the shackle. Turn the stainless steel cylinder protection disk (#9) to the left. Stop once the semi circle cut out is centered to the front of the padlock body. Turn the padlock upside down so that the disk falls out. Next, push the key upward to push the heel of the stainless steel bolt (#8) out of the cylinder opening. Grasp the heel of the bolt with the fingers and pull out of the opening.  Next, turn the key clockwise and remove from the cylinder. Finally, turn the padlock body upside down and the cylinder will slide out.

If you want to have a High Security padlock that stands up to the toughest attacks and environmental demands, try out the new Protector II padlock from Medeco. For more information, contact Medeco at (800) 839-3157 or visit 

Amanda Troise is Medeco's Product Line Manager