Schlage Touch: Welcome To The Keyless Era

Feb. 2, 2015
This battery-powered residential lock is operated exclusively by entering a valid code on its touchscreen keypad. There is no mechanical lock cylinder.

Schlage has officially entered the Keyless Era with its residential, battery operated, electromechanical lever lockset and deadbolt without a lock cylinder. This automatically increases the level of security, as lock cylinder manipulation is no longer possible and keys cannot be stolen or duplicated without authorization

Battery-powered Schlage Touch lever and deadbolt locksets are ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 touchscreen locks. The weather-resistant  electronic visual display can be installed onto both exterior and interior doors. The fingerprint resistant, two-inch by two-inch numeric touchscreen has a down lighting LED.

To enter a user code or program a lock, pressure must be exerted against the numbers. This means a person wearing gloves can operate the keypad, a benefit for homeowners who live in cold climates.

The touchscreen is built into a slim profile outside assembly, having only the keypad, outside lever or thumbturn and the jumpstart contacts. This slim profile enables the Schlage Touch to be installed on residences that have a swinging screen door.

Schlage Touch deadbolt and lever locks are available in the Century Style or the Camelot Style with different levers. The finish options are Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Matte Black, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel.

To gain access, a programmed User Code must be entered by means of the touchscreen. The Schlage Touch stores up to 19 four-digit User Codes and one six-digit Programming Code.

Programming features include:

  • Adding and Deleting User Codes
  • Changing Programming Code
  • Vacation Mode: Vacation Mode disables all User Codes. To disable, the six-digit Programming Code must be entered.
  • Beeper
  • Deleting All User Codes
  • Lock & Leave (deadbolts only) : Lock & Leave (default enabled) permits the deadbolt to be extended by pressing the Schlage icon and rotating the thumbturn on the outside assembly. This feature eliminates having to enter a User Code to extend the deadbolt.


For this article, I received a Camelot-style Schlage Touch Accent Lever Lock. The Touch locksets are designed for a 161 door prep, having a 2-1/8" cross bore at either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset, and a one-inch edge bore. The four-lead wiring harness runs through the 2-1/8" cross bore, eliminating any additional cross bore holes. Door thickness is 1-3/8" to 1-3/4". The Schlage Thick Door Kit extends door thickness up to 2-1/2". Included with the lock is a circular drive-in faceplate that can be used in place of the radiused faceplate.

Touch outside and inside assemblies are three inches wide. The outside assembly is offset upwards from the inside assembly. However, both the outside and inside assemblies provide a three-inch diameter coverage that should conceal the previous knob or lever lock rose or mechanical deadbolt trim.

The inside and the outside levers have individual springs, providing sufficient power to snap back to the horizontal position after rotation. An inside thumbturn locks or unlocks the outside lever. When the thumbturn is vertical, the electrical switch is engaged, unlocking the outside lever. When in the horizontal position, the thumbturn disengages from the switch, locking the outside lever. In locked mode, entrance can only be gained by entering a correct User Code. The inside lever is always unlocked, providing free egress.

Once the lockset has been installed, test the operation of both levers. Test the operation of the two default User Codes. When unlocking in the evening or after dark, press the Schlage button before entering a User Code to activate the LED, illuminating the keypad.

Programming Codes

The next step is to personalize the lock for the customer. This can include changing the default Programming code, adding User Codes and changing the enhanced controls. The Programming Code is required to make any additions, deletions or changes. For example, to change the Programming Code, enter the Programming Code, wait for three orange lights and three beeps, and then press the Schlage icon on the keypad. The icon illuminates. Press the "3" and wait for three orange lights and three beeps. Enter the new six digit Programming Code and wait for three orange lights and three beeps. Re-enter the new Programming Code and wait for one green light and one long beep.

Because Touch locksets do not have a pin tumbler lock cylinder, it is extremely important to keep a record of the two default User Codes and the Programming Code. Schlage includes a label with the Programming and User Codes attached to the back of the outside assembly and the cover page of the User Guide. If necessary, the lock can be restored to default operation using the instructions included in this article.

Restoring Default Settings

If the Programming Code is lost or forgotten, the system must be reset to restore the factory default settings, which include the Programming Code, the two User Codes and all options. All existing User Codes and current programming Code will be erased. 

Important: You must know the default Programming Code and User Codes prior to restoring. They are printed on a label attached to the front page of the User Guide and the inside of the outside assembly. Customer Service CANNOT retrieve lost default codes. 

To restore the default Programming Codes, User Codes, you must have access to the front and back of the lock.

Step 1. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the 9Volt battery.

Step 2. Press and release the Schlage button.

The next two steps must occur within 10 seconds.

Step 3. Reconnect the battery.  The indicator light will light green for one second.

Step 4. Press and hold the Schlage button until the indicator light is green and the lock beeps.

Step 5. Enter one of the default User Codes. If the lock unlocks, the restore is complete. If the User Code does not unlock the lock, start over at Step 2 until the lock unlocks using a default User Code.

Step 6. Reprogram the Programming Code, add User Codes and program the options.

The expected operational life of the 9Volt battery under normal operation is two years. However, Schlage recommends changing the battery at the same time, you replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. A dedicated icon illuminates when the battery is low. A red blinking indicator light signals when the battery is critically low.

The keyless Touchscreen lever and deadbolt do not have mechanical override lock cylinders. To unlock the lockset in case the on-board battery power level is too low, Schlage has jumpstart contacts on the exterior assembly beneath the lever or thumbturn. These two tabs extend from the face of the lock, with the smaller diameter tab sized to accept a 9Volt battery positive (+) terminal and the larger diameter tab sized to accept the negative terminal (-). Place the correct battery terminals over the tabs and push until the battery is mounted. Enter a programmed User Code to unlock the lock. Important :  Do not disconnect the battery until after the door is open.

The Schlage Touch has a lifetime limited mechanical and finish warranty and 3-year limited electronics warranty against defects in material and workmanship, as long as the original user occupies the residential premises upon which the product was originally installed.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Schlage at