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Feb. 4, 2013


Distributors were the main topic of the February 1992 issue. The cover featured Tom Swiderek; distributor, inventor and one of the nicest people our industry has produced.  Charles Cole offered some interesting ideas for developing master key systems.  A.J. Meade described the history of Lori Lock Corporation.  Not long after the article was written, Lori Lock was acquired by Ilco.  Charles Schnabolk explained how door locks are incorporated as part of a fire alarm system.  Jim Campanelli suggested adding door monitoring systems to your list of business opportunities.  Mike O'Leary, U.S. Lock, suggested selling handicapped hardware as a way to increase your bottom line.  U.S. Lock offered an "ADA sales kit" as a public service to both locksmiths and building owners.  Milt Wolferseder explaied how to open Meilink models 251 and 257 home safes.  The Florida Locksmith Association sent in a definition called "What is a Locksmith?"


High security locks were the focus in our February 2002 edition. Jerry Levine reported on Assa Twin V-10 locks.  Gale Johnson introduced Pfaffenhain products, a popular European lock manufacturer.   Jerry Levine also showed how to rekey a Master Lock Python cable lock.  Dale Bowman, Medeco Lock, explained how to service their special lock for Otis elevators.  Tom Gillespie reported on the Schlage Primus lock system.  Tim O'Leary checked out the security of Lori L-10 lock systems.  Dick Zunkel suggested automatic door openers as a new profit center for locksmiths.  Tom Gillespie offered suggestions on running a locksmith businesss.  Jerry Levine installed a wide 4- foot door and frame in place of an old double-door installation.  Tom Gillespie also reported on Powerstar invertors while Jerry Levine considered buying versus leasing decisions.  Tiny serviced the locks on a 1997 Honda Passport.        

New Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Key

Mitsubishi Fuso trucks have changed their key and code series, plus added transponder security to all Fuso 2012+ truck models.
No known aftermarket key blanks are available at this time. Original blanks can be ordered from Mitsubishi Fuso dealers.

The key blank part number is MK645741. The new code series is in the 60000 number range. An original lock used for this report had a code tag
marked 65065 with cuts of 12324313. Depth numbers are 1-4 according to markings on the tumblers.

Spacing is: 264/346/429/512/594/677/760/843.
Depths are: 1.)315 2.)291 3.)268 4.)244.