SimpliciKey: The Future Is Now

Dec. 3, 2012
This electronic keypad deadbolt for residential use can be unlocked with a key, code or keyfob remote

If a customer asks you what the latest trend is in lock security, what will your answer be?   SimpliciKey has that answer with their new electronic deadbolt for residential applications.  A unique feature of the SimpliciKey deadbolt is that it can be locked and unlocked with a wireless remote.  Whenever there is inclement weather,  or perhaps the owner is carrying armloads of packages, or in the dark of night, or just because the public is already comfortable using a remote to unlock their vehicle, a SimpliciKey wireless remote is becoming the modern answer for unlocking residential doors.  SimpliciKey calls it "convenience through technology." 

The smooth, elegant SimpliciKey exterior door hardware contains a cover plate which can be lifted vertically to reveal an operating keypad. In addition to wireless remote operation, the lock can be opened either by entering personal codes on the keypad, or by using a 6-pin key in the lock cylinder. The SimpliciKey deadbolt can accept up to eight individual remotes. Two remotes are furnished with the SimpliciKey deadbolt and six more remotes can be optionally added.  Remotes can operate up to a range of 50 feet.  A 128 bit, advanced encryption standard (AES) is used to enhance security.

A maximum of 16 individual keypad codes can be entered into memory.  Buttons on the keypad contain alphanumeric symbols. Individual keypad codes can be four to seven digits in length and either letters or numbers can be used in the code.  Backlit lighting is activated by pressing any button on the keypad.  When leaving the residence, automatic locking action takes place by pressing just one button.  A blue LED light illuminates to indicate whenever the SimpliciKey deadbolt has been locked or unlocked. 

The SimpliciKey pin tumbler cylinder contains six-pin security and features a bump-resistant keyway. SimpliciKey deadbolts are ANSI Grade 2 certified. Available finishes include satin nickel, polished brass and aged bronze.

Power for the SimpliciKey deadbolt is supplied by 4 AA batteries. Battery life with normal usage should be approximately one year.   Two wiring cables extend from the exterior lock and must be plugged into the circuit board on the interior lock unit during installation.  


If a door already has an existing deadbolt and uses a 2 1/8" crossbore and 1" edge bore, no additional holes are necessary for a SimpliciKey deadbolt installation. The exterior unit is retained on the door by long bolts which extend thru an oblong plate located on the interior side of the door. The oblong plate contains two threaded holes which are used to solidify the inner hardware battery section onto the door.  The deadbolt unit is easily adjusted from 2 3/8" to 2 3/4" backset by twisting the faceplate 180 degrees. A carbon core center in the deadbolt unit serves to resist sawing.

A well-installed and sturdy strike plate is important for the security of any doorway. SimpliciKey deadbolt locks include a reinforcement plate to strengthen the installation. An enclosed strike box is first installed into the door jamb. Next the reinforcement plate is installed. Extra-long, flat head wood screws are included for the installation. The long screws are inserted through the reinforcement plate and are then embedded into wall studs adjacent to the door jamb.  To complete the strike installation, a  cover strike plate accepts two more long wood screws which extend through the strike plate and back into the door jamb framing.


Each SimpliciKey deadbolt is furnished with a separate admin code. The code can be changed as needed.  The admin code is required when beginning any programming procedure.  Keypad buttons contain both numbers and letters. Programming is simplified by pressing the buttons to spell common words.

To begin any procedure, enter the seven-digit admin code. To add a keypad code, press individual keys to form the word, ADDCODE, then press the "*" key. Enter the new key code and press "*".  Enter the new code a second time and press "*". The new keypad code should more be ready for use. Similar procedures can be used for deleting a code (DELCODE), and deleting all keypad codes (DLCODES).

Up to eight key fobs can be programmed to operate the SimpliciKey deadbolt. First, enter the admin code and "*". Then enter ADDFOB and "*". Keyfobs contain two buttons. One button shows a locked padlock logo (for locking) and the second button shows an unlocked padlock logo (for unlocking). After entering the ADDFOB command, simultaneously press both fob buttons. The keyfob should now be programmed to operate the deadbolt unit.  A corresponding DELFOB command can be used to delete an individual remote from operation.

Other features of the SimpliciKey deadbolt include a sound whenever a keypad button is pressed and a special button on the keypad which will extend the bolt and lock the door when pressed. Both features can be turned off or on as desired.

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