Newsbriefs: Rutherford Controls Case Study: Police Evidence Lockers

Feb. 2, 2012

RCI Engineered Solutions recently worked with a access control manufacturer for a solution for Police evidence lockers.

The Challenges:

• Customer was looking for an electronic means to secure stored evidence

• For some locations, the solution had to be retrofitted into existing lockers and others from the factory

• Required a way to visually monitor the locker availability

• Customer required an audit trail to show who had placed evidence and/ or accessed the evidence lockers

The Solution:

Using the 3513DM (Dual Monitoring) cabinet lock with the manufacturer’s access control system, RCI was able to integrated the evidence lockers with a locking solution that not only fit the customers needs, but also provided the crucial auditing capabilities needed to monitor access.


• The size of the 3513DM made it an ideal installation due the various sizes of the lockers.

• The dual monitoring feature provided feedback to the manufacturer’s access control system of the lockers status (Available-Unlocked, In Use-Locked, Open)

• The integration of the manufacturer’s access control system and RCI’s 3513DM provided the customer with control and audit recording.