Master Lock Adds ADA-Compliant Locker Locks

April 6, 2011

Master Lock Company has added new products to its 3-Ways to Open™ patent-pending ADA-compliant built-in combination lock series. The 1656MKADA is a built-in combination spring bolt locker lock for horizontal single-point latch lockers. A companion spring bolt model, the 1651MKADA, is designed for left-hinged horizontal single-point latch lockers.

Two additional locks to fit left-hinged lockers are also being added to Master Lock’s ADA-compliant product portfolio. The 1677MKADA with deadbolt action is for single-point horizontal latch lockers, and the 1637MKADA is for multi-point latch lift handle lockers.

“With these new built-in combination locks, we can provide ADA-compliant locker lock functions to fit all popular styles of school lockers,” said Douglas Lacina, Master Lock Company senior product manager. “All of our options are versatile as well as cost-effective in helping schools meet the new U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) ‘2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design,’ which now require that a minimum 5 percent of lockers meet these standards on any new construction or expansion projects completed after March, 2012. Our solutions are easy for special needs students to use and truly help mainstream special needs students. These locks look like all other Master Lock products being used at any school.”

The 3-Ways to Open™ locks are made by substituting the standard control key cylinder in standard built-in locks with a Master key cylinder. This new cylinder allows two keys to open one ADA lock - a master key to open all locks in a system and a student key that only opens one lock. Since only the cylinder is different, the 3-Ways to Open™ lock looks exactly like all standard Master Lock products.

As with standard Master Lock built-in locks, 3-Ways to Open™ locks come with five combinations, providing a third way to open the lock.

“This feature is extremely helpful to a school,” Lacina remarked. “It allows the locker to be used by the standard school population, especially since the lock is indistinguishable from other locks at the school. Schools rarely know how many ADA students they might have year to year. In other solutions, an ADA locker remains an ADA locker. With 3-Ways to Open™ locks, the school can assign the locker either way, which means the school needs less lockers.”

3-Ways to Open™ locks meet ADA functionality without batteries or complicated programming. School staffs are used to Master Lock mechanical solutions, making it very easy for a school to incorporate the 3-Ways to Open™ ADA solution into their locker system

“Based on the new DOJ standards, this typically means 95% of locks should be purchased as the standard Master Lock product. Our recommendation optimizes a school’s cost to meet ADA requirements,” concluded Lacina.

Master Lock further recommends school officials to contact local code authorities to ensure these products meet the needs and requirements of the local jurisdictions. Locks must be matched to the style of latching mechanism being used on the locker. Master Lock does provide a chart to assist, but strongly recommends working with the locker contractor to ensure the correct locks are ordered.

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Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Master Lock has two versatile and advanced trailer lock products. The 379ATPY Universal Trailer Coupler Lock helps deter thieves when the trailer is detached from the tow vehicle. It has an adjustable hitch ball that fits inside all tongue type trailer couplers, and locks in place to prevent anyone from hitching the trailer to their vehicle. The adjustable size is designed to fit the widest array of trailers in use, including 1-7/8”, 2” and 2-5/16” sized couplers. This lock can also be keyed alike for fleet-wise convenience.

“Push to Lock™ Receiver Lock

A new design and patented “Push to Lock™ receiver lock will also benefit anyone using a trailer and help prevent theft of a trailer and its valuables. It has a proprietary locking mechanism that allows the user to hear and feel the lock engaging. These barbell style locks (models 1469DAT, 1479DAT and 1480KA) have locking heads that are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and a Key Retaining function to prevent false locking. They are designed to work with virtually any trailer hitch, they fit ½ inch or 5/8 inch receiver holes and is ideal for anyone who tows equipment.

Truck Bed U-Lock

Master Lock Company’s Truck Bed U-Lock conveniently secures virtually anything in a pick-up truck’s cargo area. Designed to deter “grab-and-go” theft, the Truck Bed U-Lock 8287DAT is a unique locking solution available only from Master Lock. It affixes to the pick-up bed and secures anything carried by using cables and chains to avoid shifting of objects when being hauled.

The U-Lock is constructed of a hardened steel shackle and lock body and has a keyway cover to protect it from the elements. Semi-permanent and easily installed with a locking body that swivels 190 degrees, it also features Master Lock’s unique Python® disc tumbler, which allows the cylinder to be changed to make keyed alike sets for use with multiple Truck Bed U-Locks.

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