New Key-changeable Lock From Hampton Products

Dec. 1, 2005
Cylinders using this new system can be field-changed without disassembly or removal.

Hampton Products International has recently introduced a key-changeable locking system called Lynx. Cylinders using this new system can be field-changed without disassembly or removal from the door, drawer or wherever the lock is being used. Actual changing of each lock cylinder can be accomplished in seconds.

Security in the Lynx system begins with the restricted key blank. The blank is extremely sturdy. In addition, the key shoulder fits in a pocket milled into the plug face, providing further protection against key blade breakage. Key kits consist of a gold-colored programming key and any quantity of silver-colored operating keys as required by the customer. Additional key kits can be stocked by the customer or ordered as needed.

Lynx technology is available in a wide variety of products including single cylinder deadbolts, complete cylindrical entry sets with Ball knobs, mortise cylinders, replacement knob and lever lock cylinders for Schlage A, D and F locks plus Kwikset Max, Ultra Max and Security Series locks. In addition, a full line of padlocks, cam locks, switch locks and T-handle vending locks completes the Lynx lineup.


Seven wafer tumblers are used to generate thousands of possible key combinations. In mortise, deadbolt and key-in-knob cylinders, there are two pin tumbler locations in addition to the seven wafer tumblers. According to Hampton Products, more than 1 million key codes can be developed by combining different combinations of available wafer tumblers and pin tumbler depths.

Wafer tumblers are made in two parts. One tumbler part interacts with the key blade, while the second tumbler part interacts with the locking sidebar. In normal operation the two tumbler parts are connected together by a series of teeth.


A second sidebar in the plug holds each pair of tumbler parts in an engaged position while the Lynx cylinder is locked. When the cylinder is turned approximately 180 degrees, a groove milled in the housing allows the spring-loaded sidebar to move outward. This outward movement of the sidebar automatically disengages the wafer tumbler parts and sets them into a neutral position.

Both gold and silver key blanks have identical key cuts. Gold programming keys are slightly smaller than the silver operating keys. Only the smaller gold programming key blank can be removed when the plug is turned approximately 180 degrees. After the gold programming key is removed, the tumblers will remain in a neutral, disengaged condition. To change the combination, insert a new gold programming key and turn the lock back to the locked position. As the plug is turned, the sidebar is moved inward which reengages the sets of tumblers into the new code cut configuration.

Remove and store the programming key in a safe place for future reference. Use the group of silver keys which were furnished with the new gold programming key to operate the lockset. Any formerly used keys will now be inoperative. The complete combination changing process is finished in seconds.


Lynx locks are applicable for any situation where single-keyed locks are used and where there is a normal turnover of employees or residents. Apartment buildings, vending machines and commercial stores are just some of the possibilities.

A perfect customer example might be a fast-food chain with multiple locations. One original sale of Lynx cylinders for a local store may expand into a citywide or statewide distribution to dozens of locations. A product such as Lynx can help increase business far beyond your normal area of operation.

Manufactured in Italy by the Rielda Corporation, Lynx is being offered exclusively by Hampton Products International in North America. Lynx territories for locksmiths are now being developed around the country.

For more information on this opportunity, contact Jim Bzovy, VP of Security Hardware Business Development, Hampton Products International Corp., 50 Icon, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610. Phone: 800-472-4256. Web site: