Installing the Baldwin Ashton Two-Point Lockset

Nov. 1, 2006
We install the Baldwin Ashton two-point handleset, part of the Baldwin Images Collection of locksets, onto a residential door.

A beautiful and well constructed handleset installed into a solid wood door greatly improves the appearance of the entry. If the handleset is quality construction, your customers will feel it each and every time they walk up to the entry door and operate the lock. Selling a customer on a high quality entrance lock can be as easy as having them operate the lock.

I was given the opportunity to install a Baldwin Ashton two-point handleset that is part of the Baldwin Images® Collection of locksets. The Ashton is manufactured at the Baldwin facility in Reading, Penn., of forged brass. These locks are hand finished, providing an entrance set that has the look and feel of quality.

The two-point indicates that the handle is keyed as well as the separate single-sided deadbolt. The Ashton handleset operates the dead latch using the thumb piece on the exterior and for this installation, a handed lever on the interior. This way, when the door is closed, the latch bolt can be locked, securing the entry.

The separate deadbolt has exterior and interior escutcheons identical to the handleset. The deadbolt’s bolt contains a hardened steel roll pin, which resists cutting attacks. A saw blade cannot grip the loose hardened roll pin, which prevents the bolt from being sawn through.

The Baldwin Ashton handleset is a tubular design that accommodates a standard 2-1/8” cross bore opening. The deadbolt can accommodate a 1-5/8” or a 2-1/8” cross bore opening. The Ashton is designed to retrofit into most existing two-point door preps with a minimum of a 5-1/2” separation. Both the handle latch and the deadbolt are adjustable to accommodate a 2-3/8” or a 2-3/4” backset.

Two cross bore openings are required for the handleset. This permits the operating mechanism of the handleset to be tubular, simplifying the installation. The upper cross bore contains the latch bolt, the exterior subassembly (including lock cylinder) and the upper portion of the interior subassembly. The lower cross bore contains the thumb piece connecting to the lower portion of the interior subassembly which is operated on the interior by the lever.

For this installation, the Baldwin Ashton was installed into a metal sheathed entry door that was previously equipped with a separate knobset and deadbolt. The dead bolt’s 2-1/8” cross bore was approximately six inches above the knobset cross bore. A second cross bore opening had to be drilled beneath the opening for the knobset to accommodate the handleset.

To install the Ashton Two-Point Lock:

Step 1. Locate the cross bore backset centerline for both the dead bolt and the knobset. Draw a vertical line connecting the two.

Step 2. Use the template to locate line at 2.5” inches below the knobset centerline cross bore. Measure 8-3/4” beneath this cross bore opening in order to drill a .375” diameter opening. This hole is required to secure the lower portion the door pull.

Step 3. Drill a 2-1/8” cross bore opening through the door.

Step 4. Install the latch assembly.

Step 5. Install the single sided deadbolt, making sure the exterior cylinder collar is plumb. Make sure you do not over-tighten the #10-32 x 2-5/8” cylinder screws securing the lock cylinder to the backplate.

Step 6. Extend the deadbolt.

Step 7. Install the deadbolt interior assembly using the #8-32 x 3/4” screws. Test the dead bolt lock cylinder and turnpiece to be certain the lock operates smoothly.

Step 8. Drill a .375” diameter opening through the door. No additional modification to the door was required.

Step 9. Install the latch assembly into the existing edge bore in the door.

Step 10. Slide the exterior subassembly onto the door, making sure the tailpiece slide through the latch assembly.

Step 11. Once the exterior subassembly is in place and the thumb piece retracts the latch assembly, install the screw base and the #10-32 x 2-1/2” screw from the interior to secure this subassembly to the door.

Step 12. Place the interior subassembly onto the door and secure using to three mounting screws. Test the operation of the handleset to be certain the lock operates smoothly.

Step 13. Slide the wave washer onto the spindle.

Step 14. Slide the escutcheon onto the interior subassembly. Secure using the thimble. The thimble screws onto the threaded sleeve over the interior spindle. Make sure the escutcheon is plumb to the dead bolt.

Step 15. Secure the escutcheon onto the interior subassembly using the #6-32 x 7/16” mounting screws.

Step 16. Slide the lever onto the spindle and secure using the setscrew. Test the operation of the handleset.

Step 17. Thread the screw cover onto the screw base.

The Baldwin Two-Point Locking System can be ordered in a variety of configurations including 17 finishes. These locks can be ordered with knobs as well as levers in different designs to accommodate existing interior hardware. Contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Baldwin for specifics.

When discussing Ashton two point lock with Baldwin factory, I was told that this model is not available through the large home centers. The two-point locks are only available from door companies and locksmith wholesalers. This provides a marketing opportunity for locksmiths as your potential customers can only compare prices from a door company, not a home center.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Baldwin Hardware Corporation, 841 East Wyomissing Blvd, Reading, PA 19611. Telephone: 800-566-1986. Web Site: