New SmartKey Lock from Weiser

May 1, 2007
Weiser SmartKey Locks are one of the first locksets to meet the challenges of key bumping and vulnerability to picking all included in an economical package.

Weiser Lock has introduced a new lock called SmartKey which has several new features. Locking is accomplished using a combination of both a sidebar and special disc tumblers. There are no driver (top) pins. Each spring-loaded round tumbler is connected to individual serrated disc tumblers which contain cutout notches. When the key is inserted and aligns all the notches at the correct position, a slight turning of the key will move the locking sidebar into the notches, which allows the plug to be freely rotated.

According to Weiser,”...SmartKey Locks passed the most rigorous UL lock picking test. In addition to satisfying these rigorous ANSI/UL requirements, the revolutionary design of the SmartKey Lock makes it not susceptible to lock bumping techniques. SmartKey Lock technology eliminates the shear line in traditional pin tumbler locks, which simply put, means that SmartKey Locks cannot be ‘bumped' .”

Black & Decker Company owns both Weiser and Kwikset. Weiser introduced SmartKey locks to the Canadian market in March 2007 and we are told that Kwikset will have a similar lock for the U.S. market in the fall of 2007. SmartKey Lock depth and spaces are identical to Kwikset. In order to operate correctly, keys must have .088 wide flat cuts. Original Weiser keys for SmartKey Locks are printed with a cross-reference to key blank KW1, but Kaba-Ilco has also an N1176 aftermarket blank with the identical SmartKey Lock square bow design.

According to Weiser Lock, SmartKey Lock deadbolts provide Grade 1 security. Until now, some of the standard SmartKey Lock features have only been found on high-end security deadbolts. Features include ball bearings which are inserted in the lock plug to deter drilling. False cuts on the serrated disc tumblers cause the tumblers to ‘lock up' when any turning motion is exerted on the plug. This greatly decreases the possibility of picking the lock. As stated earlier, key bumping has been eliminated as a method of bypassing the lock. The deadbolt unit is easily adjustable between 2 3/8” and 2 3/4”. Sturdy 1/4” screws are used to retain the lock cylinder through the door.

Another feature of the Weiser SmartKey lock allows owners to re-key their own lock in 30 seconds or less. Weiser Lock believes that this will “revolutionize the home security market.” SmartKey locks are sold with a SmartKey tool. A small hole is located in the face of the plug. In order to re-key a SmartKey lock, owners must have an operating key, a SmartKey tool and a new key with different combination of cuts.


(1) An operating key is inserted into the lock, turned 90 degrees clockwise, and kept at that position.

(2) A SmartKey tool is inserted fully into the small hole in the plug and the tool is then removed.

(3) The old operating key is removed in position without rotating the plug.

(4) The new key is inserted fully without rotating the plug.

(5) The new key is then rotated 90 degrees back to the original vertical locked position.

(6) The key can be removed and combination changing is complete.


The lock plug is split down the center into two parts. One section contains the keyway and five operating tumblers. Each of the five tumblers in the plug has a projection, or finger. The second plug section is a housing for both the sidebar and five recodeable disc tumblers.

Recodeable disc tumblers have six V-shaped cutouts. Each cutout is .023 apart which corresponds to the depth increments for Kwikset. Fingers on each of the tumblers can fit into any of the six cutouts on a recodable disc tumbler. The key combination is determined by which of the six cutouts each finger pin is connected to.

When a working key is turned 90 degrees, the change tool can be inserted to move the spring-loaded sidebar housing inwards. A detent holds the sidebar housing in this inward position which keeps the recodeable disc tumblers disconnected in a neutral position. The operating key can then be removed and a new key fully inserted. This key holds each finger tumbler according to the depth of each new key cut. As the new key is then rotated 90 degrees back to a locked position, the sidebar housing is released and each finger tumbler is reunited with the recodeable disc tumblers into the new key cut configuration.

Combination changing is completed in less than a minute. There are thousands of available key combinations and SmartKey locks can be set back to any previous combination as needed, Example: The lock can be changed to a new key to allow workmen to enter a home. Afterwards, the lock can be quickly rekeyed back to the owner's original key cuts which also prevents the workmen from re-entering the home.

This is a revolutionary system. Even though the Weiser SmartKey lock cannot be masterkeyed, it should prove to be a very popular lock for normal residential purposes. Weiser SmartKey Locks are one of the first locksets to meet the challenges of key bumping and vulnerability to picking all included in an economical package.

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