Savlok to the Rescue

July 1, 2007
Hodge Products' customers were becoming increasing concerned about the loss of valuable padlocks when the locks were unsecured. Sav Lok, a system for permanently attaching a chain assembly to padlock shackles, provides an easy solution.

Mention the word padlock and visions of a body and shackle come to mind. Even Chinese padlocks from centuries ago have much the same body/shackle arrangement. It has often been said that there is not much new under the sun when it comes to padlocks.

Another distinct characteristic of most padlocks is that they are only firmly attached to something when they are locked. When the shackle is open, a padlock can be either loosely hooked onto the locking fixture such as a hasp, or it can be removed completely. In either case, most padlocks are susceptible to being misplaced, lost or stolen if they are not relocked back onto their chain or hasp.

New Sav Lok kits from Hodge Products, Inc. easily solve the lost padlock problem. Hodge Products, Inc. began in 1971 as a manufacturer and distributor of parts for the solid waste industry. The company also has become a world competitor in the distribution of padlocks from all major manufacturers.

Hodge Products found that the loss of valuable padlocks was of rising concern to their customers. The solution was Sav Lok, a system for permanently attaching a chain assembly to padlock shackles.

The Sav Lok design of versatility and strength is what sets it above other similar products on the market. Sav Lok can be quickly and easily installed without any modification of the lock shackle. No welding is necessary. According to Hodge Products, Sav Lok kits are available to fit any brand or size of padlock.

Sav Lok kits are available for shackle thicknesses of 9/32”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16” and 1/2”. Six different kits are available: Sav Lok with no chain, Sav Lok with both chain and installation loop, Sav Lok with chain only, Sav Lok with ring and installation loop and Sav Lok with chain less pop rivets. Except as noted, all Sav Lok kits are furnished with both peen rivets and pop rivets to suit owner's choice during installation.


Sav Lok consists of three primary parts: two lock plates and a spacer. With the padlock unlocked, slip one lock plate onto the shackle. Next, slide the spacer onto the shackle, followed by the second lock plate. Slots in each lock plate allow easy installation of whatever fastener has been ordered. Either the end link of chain, the end loop of aircraft cable or the steel ‘O' ring can be installed at this time. The lock plates are then moved together in a scissor action which encases the fastener. The final step is to install either the pop rivets or the peen rivets to complete the installation. Once the Sav Lok is installed, it is permanently fastened and cannot slide off of the shackle.

Installation is completed by fastening the other end of the chain or cable either with the loop part or with a bolt or fixture of the owner's choice. Sav Lok is a simple, effective way to quickly solve lost padlock problems. Hodge Products can also furnish new padlocks pre-installed with Sav Lok kits.

Hodge Products, Inc. is a source for custom cable and chain plus many other locksmith products. Their website features padlocks from Abloy, Abus, American, Brinks and Master plus many other useful, hard-to-find security products. Call Hodge Products at: 800-854-3565 or visit the web site