May 1, 2008
After thieves damaged the rear door at GPLA headquarters, the organization updated its security with a donated Securitech Trident three-point locking system and Select Products SL21 continuous hinge.

For some reason, business people often help others but do not have the same consideration for themselves. As example, a member of my family was a lawyer who specialized in writing wills, but his own will was never written. A similar situation happened at the offices of the Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association (GPLA).
GPLA is considered by many to be one of the premier locksmith associations in the country. Their convention each year is a legendary event. In addition to first class education and a large convention floor, the Saturday evening black tie banquet should not be missed. The food, music and especially the awards ceremony all make the annual GPLA convention a weekend to remember. (Dates for the 2008 convention are Sept. 25-28. For information, visit
GPLA is one of the few associations in the country which has its own building for monthly meetings. Thieves tried to force open the rear door of their building last year. The thieves apparently worked on the steel door with a pry bar and severely split the door along the edge seam. Fortunately the thieves were not successful but they did leave the door in an unrepairable condition.  
GPLA spokesman, Ron Marcinkowski, explained what type of hardware was in use on the rear door at the time. Security consisted of an old Schlage “W” series lock which provided normal latching on the outswinging door. A Yale 112 rim deadbolt provided security but also might be considered a hazard against quick egress. A cover plate filled the outer rim cylinder hole. Outside access into the building was only through the front door.
After studying the sorry situation, GPLA members came up with a plan of action and a list of needed hardware. The existing steel frame was solid, undamaged and had correct dimensions for accepting a standard sized steel door. A new door was immediately ordered.

GPLA members then approached Securitech about obtaining a Trident three point locking system. Mark Berger from Securitech offered to donate a Trident system for the project. In addition, an SL21 continuous hinge was donated by Select Products. GPLA scheduled an installation class so members could gain firsthand experience about door replacement and installation of Securitech products.
The Securitech Trident system consists of three units; top and bottom lock bolt units and a central control unit. The central unit contains a paddle and an additional lock bolt. A metal template is furnished which simplifies hardware positioning.
The template was first used in a horizontal position to mark holes for the central paddle unit. The template was then moved to a vertical position to mark holes for the top and bottom lock bolt units. Preset cables are used to connect the outer bolt units to the central unit and the template made correct placement a simple job. Distance both from door edge and from control unit to lock bolt unit must be correct.
Holes were then drilled through the door at each marked position. Bolts are first inserted through gusset plates. Gusset plates spread the holding power over a large area to prevent possible deforming of the door.
The next step was to drill access holes in the jamb to accept the top and bottom bolts and to install a strikeplate for the central locking bolt. Finally, cover plates were installed to protect the operating cables.
GPLA members found the Securitech hardware to be simple and quick to install. The paddle-operated hardware meets emergency egress regulations while still providing strong, three point protection for their rear entrance door.
For more information on Securitech Hardware, contact you local locksmith distributor or call Securitech Group, telephone 718-392-9000 or web site For information on Select Products, contact your local distributor or Select Products, telephone 800-423-1174 or web site