Easy Retrofits With THE OLYMPUS T37 T-BOLT LOCK

Aug. 1, 2008
This product directly retrofits the National C8137 and will be stocked in more than 30 keyed alike groups, keyed different, custom keyed to your requirements, or easily rekeyed in the field.

The new Olympus Lock T37 Series pin-tumbler T-bolt lock for metal bank drawers, office desks and related furniture can be used to retrofit the National (CompX) C8137 T-bolt lock with the National D4291 keyway.
The Olympus T37 is designed to fit into a 3/4” tall by 5/8” wide modified oval opening. The lock is secured using the standard brass fixing nut or an optional spring clip. The standard centerline mounting hole is approximately 27/32” beneath the top edge of the drawer to accommodate the standard deadbolt. The T37 deadbolt is removable to accommodate installation, removal and changing the bitting.

The T37 Series removable stainless steel deadbolt is available in two lengths, standard and long. The standard bolt extends 7/16” when locked. The long bolt is 2.84”, more than one inch longer than the standard bolt, providing locking options for non-standard applications. Note: The stainless steel composition of the bolt is designed to prevent it from being broken if the drawer is slid in with the bolt extended.

The four pin tumbler T37 Series T-bolt locks are “top load” rekeyable. The T37 lock uses the 0.101” diameter pin tumblers. Note: These smaller than cylindrical lock size pin tumblers are available in the Olympus N1 Pin Kit.

To simplify changing the bitting configuration, Olympus uses a slide-on spring retainer. This spring retainer is not swedged or peened in place. To prevent the spring retainer from coming loose, Olympus designed the T37 lock with the dual purpose patented retainer staple cylinder removal mechanism. This retainer staple secures the plug within the housing and prevents the spring retainer from sliding off.

To change the combination, the lock must be removed from the drawer for access to the pin chambers. For this article, the drawer contains a pencil/paper clip tray that is held in place by three 1/4” bolt head screws located on the bottom of the drawer. This tray covers the T37 lock.

If the lock is equipped with the fixing nut, the bolt must be removed first in order for the nut to slide off the housing. To remove the bolt, the plug must be turned past the locked position. At this point the bolt is released and can be lifted out of the lock body. Once the bolt has been removed, remove the nut and the lock from the drawer. Once the nut and lock are removed, lift off the retainer staple by sliding a probe into one of the leg openings and pushing the staple up. Carefully slide off the spring retainer to prevent losing any of the springs. This allows access to the four pin chambers. The lock can now be recombinated using the 0.101” diameter pin tumblers.
To install, insert the lock into the drawer, making sure the keyway is in the proper position. Secure the lock using the fixing nut or clip. Insert the key and rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Insert the bolt with the flat surface away from the lock. Lower the bolt until it stops. Turn the key back to vertical. This times the bolt to extend fully in the locked position and permit the key to be removed. When the bolt is retracted, the key can also be removed.
Because the bitting can be easily changed, Olympus developed the optional number plate, a ring with a rectangular surface large enough to stamp an identifying code. This ring slides between the surface of the drawer and the lock, permitting a change of combination without possibly deforming the lock face during stamping.

This four pin tumbler lock uses the Ilco 1069L, Ilco EZ NA14, Jet NA14, National D4291 and Olympus KBN-4-NP key blanks. The code series is 001-970.

The space and depth dimensions are:

Spacing: Shoulder to tip
Cut-to-cut spacing .120”
1- .150”           2- .290”
3- .430”           4- .570”

Depths: Increment .0125”
0- .270”           1- .257”           2- .245”
3- .232”           4- .220”           5- .207”
6- .195”           7- .182”
8- .170”           9- .157”

For information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Olympus Lock, Inc., 18424 Highway 99, Lynnwood, WA 98037. Telephone: 800-525-0954. Fax: 206-362-3290. Web Site: www.olympus-lock.com.