American Lock Helps The Locksmith Sell

March 3, 2010

The American Lock tagline tells it all, “The Locksmith’s Lock.” American padlocks have always been known for quality products and that saying remains true today. American Lock is now a Division of Master Lock Company, but the solid body padlocks, which have been a signature of the American Lock line for years, still remain.

American padlocks are designed to function in the harshest environments, stand up under attack and withstand years of usage. As technologies evolve, American padlocks continue to offer every new innovation to meet the needs of your customer.

The public has recently been made aware of pin tumbler lock vulnerability to key bumping. Most American padlocks can be ordered with a patent-pending technology called BumpStop.™ The BumpStop™feature prevents the transfer of force from the bump key to the pins and blocks rotation of the cylinder so that the lock remains locked.

Another available feature is the Edge™ key control system. Unauthorized duplication of keys can cause a loss of security. The patented Edge™ system creates “virtual keyways” and the key blanks are only available at authorized dealers. This assures customer that all keys are unique to their facility. American Lock also offers a full line of mortise, rim and key-in-knob lock cylinders using the Edge™ keyway. Locksmiths can key both padlocks and building locks together into a single, secure Edge™ key system.

Padlocks are often used out of doors where they are susceptible to heat, cold, rain, snow and chemical spills. Many padlocks in the American padlock lineup are available with Weatherbuilt™ coverings for keyways and lock bodies. Corrosion resistant shackles are also available.

A full line of heavy duty hasps, high security hasps, hidden shackle padlocks, assorted cam locks and IC core padlocks completes the American Lock line. Solid body aluminum padlocks are available in colors for easy identification. Assorted brass and aluminum American Lock padlocks can be laser-imprinted with a company name, company logo or other information.

American Lock also provides many sales aids to inform customers about the advantages of American Lock products. The #ADB006 padlock display board contains a full array of American Lock padlocks plus the A801 truck hasp and A2500 hidden shackle padlock. While customers sit in your waiting area they can learn about the many features of American Locks.

Another unique sales aid is the electrified American Lock #ALCSIGN sign. This sign contains dual brackets suitable for mounting either on a shelf or in a store window. This electrified sign can be a lighted 24 hour reminder to customers and passers-by that you sell American padlocks.

Additional sales oriented items from American Lock includes a poster titled “Locks That Say, Don’t Even Think About It”( #A-027) and a large counter mat which displays the steps for choosing the correct American Lock product (#7000-0383).

American Lock also offers a service manual (#A-004) complete with lock servicing instructions, large photos of cutaway American padlocks and many individual part numbers. Mailers are also available to inform customers about the advantages of the Edge™ key control system.

American Lock is doing their utmost to provide locksmiths with a proven line of commercial security products and the backup support to make sales of these products smooth and profitable.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or American Lock at Web Site: