Automotive 2010 Supplement: EK3 Disassembly Tool

May 3, 2010
While assembling the two parts of an electronic key is easy, disassembly can be difficult without Kaba Ilco Corp.’s new EK3 Head Removal Tool.

Ilco EK3 Electronic Keys are designed to operate vehicles equipped with the transponder-based anti-theft system. The advantage of an EK3 Electronic Key is the circuit board and battery-equipped head can be removed from the horseshoe blade assembly and installed onto another blade assembly. This minimizes the cost of a mis-cut key and the head can be re-used should the blade wear out. In addition, ILCO recommends that the EK3 key’s battery be replaced every two years, although the battery manufacturer suggests a much longer life expectancy.

ILCO and other key blank manufacturers have offered electronic keys for a number of different vehicle manufacturers, transponder requirements and keyways. These include Acura/Honda, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Fixed and Encrypted, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru regular and high security, Toyota regular and high security and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

These two-part electric keys snap together with two molded snap tabs that slide into accompanying slots in the horseshoe blade portion. Assembling the two parts of an electronic key is easy. The horseshoe portion of the blade assembly fits the head relatively tight in order to keep the two parts together for a lifetime.

Disassembling an electronic key is not as easy. You almost need three hands to squeeze the two molded snap tabs together using two small flat blade screwdrivers. Too little force and the head cannot be slid out of the horseshoe. Too much force squeezing the snap tabs to release them from the slots in the horseshoe assembly, and they can break. Because the horseshoe holds the head relatively tight, it is hard to know when enough force is exerted.

To solve this, Kaba ILCO Corp. has introduced the EK3 Head Removal Tool, part number #EK3RT. This tool separates the head from the horseshoe portion of the Electronic Key blade assembly. The tool is designed to press against the two molded snap tabs using the proper amount of pressure. The EK3 Disassembly Tool is designed to reduce the damage potential to the components of electronic two-part keys while trying to disassemble.

The ILCO EK3 Disassembly Tool is compact. Slide an electronic key into the disassembly tool. A plastic screw at the top of the tool is used to tighten the horseshoe blade portion of the electronic key in place. Once the electronic key is secured, the lever slides a brass fixture into the slots in the horseshoe blade assembly. When the lever has been moved far enough, the snap tabs are squeezed, and the head slides off the horseshoe blade assembly far enough to be removed. Loosen the screw to remove the horseshoe blade portion.

This electronic key head remover accommodates the most popular two-piece electronic key designs with “snap tabs.” These include the ILCO, Bianchi and KeyLine battery and battery less electronic keys.

The “Made in the USA” ILCO EK3 Disassembly Tool is 2.25” long by 2.75” wide by 3.25” high.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba-ILCO at Web Site: