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Ic Pro 150
Pins, pin kits

LAB IC-Pro 150: Designed for High-Volume Interchangeable Core Pinning

Oct. 8, 2020
LAB introduced the LAB IC-Pro 150, which is designed for high-volume interchangeable core pinners. It saves time and money compared with manual hand-capping methods.Features:Designed...
Cylinders, high security

New Product Showcase

(Product photos will be available in July) A1 Security ALOA Booth 922 A1 Security introduces KeyCommander, a first line of defense for common-sense key control. The lockable cabinets...
A1 Manufacturing

Product Spotlight: Automotive Tools

June 1, 2006
This Product Spotlight showcases tools for automotive locksmiths, including pinning kits, decoding tools and transponder programming equipment.
Lockmasters Inc.
Locks, cylindrical

Installation Tools

June 1, 2006
Our Product Spotlight showcases tools that will make those complicated installation jobs a little easier.
Knob lock tailpiece with shortened end to bypass sidebar.
Cylinders, high security

Scorpion Introduces IC Cylinders

Oct. 1, 2005
Get key control and pick resistance without new cylinder housings.