The CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS: A High-Precision Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Oct. 2, 2020

The CONDOR XC-MINI PLUS by Xhorse is an automatic key cutting machine for accurately and efficiently cutting all types of automotive and residential keys in the store or on the go. The machine supports multiple functions, such as all keys lost, key duplication, cut by bitting, find bitting and universal key duplication.

Advanced Design

The machine body of the XC-MINI PLUS is forged by an all-aluminum die-casting process. The machine’s 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission ensures precise and stable performance. In fact, the key cutter has passed a temperature test and a dry cycle test (150,000 cycles).

The machine’s adjustable 7-inch touchscreen allows you to set the angle of the screen. The screen interface is clear and easy to operate. It has a guided-operation process that conforms to users’ habits.

Thanks to the machine’s built-in key-code database, you don’t have to have an internet connection to operate the machine. The database includes more than 20,000 key types. Xhorse provides free online upgrade services, such as adding the latest vehicle key data or new machine functions.

Multifunctional Clamps

The standard M1 clamp for the XC-MINI PLUS supports single-sided and double-sided keys. The standard M2 clamp is a four-sided rotation clamp that supports two-track external, four-track external, four-track internal and channel track keys.

Two optional clamps are available. The optional M3 clamp is used for Tibbe and cruciform keys (for example, Ford FO21 and Citroen SX9 keys), and the optional M4 clamp is used for residential keys. No machine calibration is required for the optional clamps. Users just complete the cutting work by following the guide interface, and the best clamp solutions will be shown on the screen for the various key types.

Powerful Functions

The XC-MINI PLUS supports Bluetooth connectivity, and the Xhorse app provides several modes to meet users’ demands. The normal mode is suitable for novice users and has a simple interface and convenient settings. For the expert, Xhorse introduced a series of advanced functions:

Decode key by photo recognition: This feature is suitable for situations where a customer has an image of the key and not the key itself. The machine is provided the image. You then use the image to get the key bitting instead of getting it through disassembling the lock cylinder.

3D preview function: This allows you to preview the shape of the target cutting key before you start the key cutting. You can confirm whether the preview shape of the key bitting corresponds with the target key, thus avoiding potentially wasting a key blank.

Single bitting cutting function: This feature is useful in an all-keys-lost and find-bitting situation. If after cutting a key, you find that a certain bitting position has to be recut separately, all you do is find the target bitting position on the app to complete the recut. This is different from traditional manual cutting methods, so you can do your job more quickly.

Parameter micro-adjustment function: After successfully decoding a key, the software automatically compares the difference between the decoded actual value and the standard value, so you can adjust each parameter for further key cutting.

Key data customization function: For some motorcycle and boat keys, you can customize new key data from keys cut by the M1 or M2 clamps by following the software guidance to take measurements of each key value. The customized key data can be shared with other users, and you can download data shared by others.

For more information, go to or Online customer service is available on the Xhorse app. Feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems. Any suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated.