Automotive Training Opportunities

Jan. 2, 2024

Automotive locksmithing has entered a new, high-tech era. No longer are locksmiths making a living by purchasing a few basic tools, unlocking cars and duplicating keys. In today’s world of sophisticated electronics and pricey equipment, locksmiths need specialized training. Here are some options in the coming months. Please note that pre-registration (and often pre-payment) are required.

Check with your local distributor and the manufacturers of your equipment for additional opportunities. 


Southern Lock and Supply 2024 Trade Show and Learning Expo

Southern Lock and Supply's annual trade show is scheduled June 12-14 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Following is a listing of the automotive-themed courses. Space is limited, so pre-register uqickly if you plan to attend.

  • Hands-On Lishi Training and Picking
  • Automotive Transponders Explained
  • Setting Up NASTF and OE Software
  • Volkswagen Key Programming
  • BMW Programming with ACDP
  • Land Rover Programming
  • Mastering Automotive Key Technology: Cutting, Programming and Cloning
  • Intro to Mercedes Benz Programming
  • Automotive Locksmithing 101

More info: www.southernlock/training.


ALOA 2024

Locksmiths will gather July 22-28 at the SouthPoint Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for a week of training and a two-day Expo. Courses are offered on all areas of locksmithing.

Following is a list of courses planned for the Automotive Track. Check online at for the class schedule to be released. Class sizes are limited and fill fast.

  • 106 Auto Essentials
  • 206 Intermediate Domestic Auto
  • 207 Get to Know Your OBD Connector and How to Diagnose It
  • 306 Intermediate Foreign Auto
  • 307 Fundamental Soldering for Automotive Applications
  • 308/408/508 Mercedes Benz 3-Day Locksmith Workshop
  • 309A Lishi (AM) HALF DAY
  • 309P Automotive Tips & Tricks (PM) HALF DAY
  • 406 Ilco/Advanced Diagnostics Product Master Class
  • 407 Honda High-Security Locking Systems - Servicing and Repairs
  • 409 Modern Auto Key Generation
  • 410/510 Revolutionize Your Automotive Expertise
  • 506 Transponders and Microcontrollers
  • 507 Asian Automotive Locking Systems - Servicing & Repairs
  • 509 History of High Security/STRATTEC Update/Pinningof Internal 2-Track Locks



 American Key Supply Locksmith Academy

American Key Supply’s Locksmith Academy has set dates for some its popular classes at its Las Vegas headquarters.

June 13, Sept. 19, Oct. 3: Hands-On Lishi Training.

Learn and really understand the tools and procedures that will help you pick and decode both automotive and residential locks. The class will begin with approximately an hour of classroom learning, understanding the basics of the tools and the locks that you will see in the field. We then jump into the hands-on portion of the class where you will be able to pick and decode as many locks as possible. Feel free to focus your attention and get help on a difficult lock that always seems to gives you trouble.

June 14-15: Automotive Locksmithing Training Blitz

Sept. 20-21: Advanced VW/Audi Programming

Unlock the secrets behind programming Volkswagen and Audi keys in this comprehensive and hands-on advanced workshop. Delve into the intricacies of modern vehicle key systems and gain a deep understanding of the techniques required to program and reprogram keys for these prestigious automotive brands.

Oct. 4-5: Advanced Motorcycle Keymaking

More info: 


UHS Hardware On-Demand Courses

The following recorded, on-demand training sessions can be purchased from UHS Hardware. For more information, visit

Auto 101 - Complete Automotive Locksmith Course

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the Automotive Locksmithing process from start to finish using a variety of key cutting and programming tools like the Xhorse Dolphin XP-005, Xhorse Key Tool Max and KeyTool PlusAutel IM508KEYDIY KD-X2, and more.

Automatic Edge-Cut and High-Security Lishi

This self-paced course is made up of a series of lessons designed to familiarize participants with the anatomy and use of edge-cut and high-security Lishi tools.

The course can be completed in 3-4 days but you will have unlimited access to the materials.

Toyota System 2019+ Key Programming With Autel, Lonsdor & Key Tool Plus Course

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the 2019+ New Toyota System Key Programming on a variety of different models using a few different programming machines. You will be covering adding a key using a dealer code, another key or an emulator in all keys lost situation. 

BMW Key Programming Using Xhorse Key Tool Plus

This class is designed to give a detailed overview of the BMW Key Programming on a wide variety of different models using VVDI Key Tool PLUS Tablet - All In One Key Tool. You will be covering a few different systems like EWS, CAS, ISN and FEM/BDC. Depending on the model and year BMW you are working on you will run one of these systems. Learning how read them, unlock them and add keys to them whether through soldering or the use of adapters will allow you work on a multitude of models starting from the first EWS System in 1993 to modern CAS 4/4+ today. 

Automotive EEPROM And Advanced Key Programming

This EEPROM course teaches locksmiths key programming and immobilizer bypass for modern vehicles. Through video lectures and demonstrations, students learn to use a wide range of tools and software like the VVDI Key Tool PLUS TabletXhorse VVDI PROGTANGO, and VVDI Mini PROG to read immobilizer data from vehicle ECUs and program transponder keys.