GKL To The Rescue

March 1, 2017
The company's "flagship" Hinge Doctor has been an effective and unique tool in the restoration of door hinges. New models and other helpful locksmith tools have been added to GKL's line.

Part of the reason people enter the locksmith profession is because they are problem solvers and have a mechanical ability. Steve Goldstein is a prime example. Through a series of unlikely adventures, Steve became a locksmith in the mid 1970s and eventually named his locksmith business Gold Key and Lock. Letters from his business name were later used to name his GLK product line.

It was not long before Steve began recognizing the need for security products and tools which were unavailable to the locksmith trade. The first GKL product was a guard for mailbox slots. Mailbox slots can provide access to the inside of the door, allowing someone to possibly reach in and open the door. The GKL MSCD cover guard is the solution.

Cylindrical lever locks made their appearance after the introduction of Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) laws. Schlage lever locks included a special nut which had to be tightened in place. The disposable plastic tool included with Schlage lever locks was hard to use. This resulted in the invention of a sturdy metal tightening tool which is sold by Pro-Lok as their LT500.

A chance meeting was the basis for one of the most popular GKL tools. An acquaintance gave Steve Goldstein a tool idea for adjusting mis-fitting doors. The tool was used for re-bending hinge leafs. Starting with that idea, Steve finally developed the Hinge Doctor tools.

Model HA1 was the original Hinge Doctor tool. HA1 is designed to be used on standard commercial hinges. First designs of the HA1 required the user to hold the tool in place while working on a hinge. Newer deluxe HA1 Hinge Doctor tools include a roll pin which holds the tool in a vertical position on the hinge and allows the user to concentrate only on hinge adjusting. HA3 is a larger version of the HA1 tool and is designed to be used on commercial doors which have ball bearing hinges. HA3 Hinge Doctor tools can be identified by their blue color. A red colored, HA4 Hinge Doctor tool is also available which is designed to be used on large heavy duty hinges. GKL also has a HA2 Hinge Doctor tool which is designed for adjusting residential hinges.

During the last decade Steve Goldstein has expanded his product lineup and added locksmith servicing accessories for commercial doors. Solidly fastening a door lock housing in place on a narrow stile aluminum door has always been a locksmith problem. GKL invented the Bridge which simplifies narrow stile aluminum door lock installations or replacements. A spanner key is included with the Bridge kit. The plastic Bridge is inserted into the lock cutout and the spanner key is used to turn the Bridge one quarter turn and firmly into position. ” Repair or modify storefront doors with a twist," according to GKL.

The Bridge can be trimmed as required for fitting beveled doors and various frame rail dimensions. The B15 Bridge is designed for use with 7/8", 31/32" and 1 1/8" backsets. A new B35 Bridge will be available in March. This Bridge is used with locks having 3" or 5" backsets. No hole drilling is required.

GKL also has the answer when a narrow stile aluminum door lock must be permanently removed. A kit includes faceplate covers, cylinder hole covers and GKL Bridge parts. Blank edge plates are attached with GKL Bridge parts and the blank cylinder covers complete the installation. Aluminum and duronotic finishes are available to match popular aluminum door colors. If there is an obstruction inside the aluminum door, such as an exit device vertical rod, GKL part ADD1D can be used to cover an existing cylinder hole while allowing clear interior space for the vertical rod. Individual ADD1D units can then be used to cover inner and outer cylinder holes.

Weather and debris can cause functional problems with exterior-mounted lock cylinders and cam locks. GKL has the answer with their Grimestopper. This product contains a weather flap which keeps the keyway clear of moisture and dirt. Lock cylinders fit through the Grimestopper unit and two retainer screws hold the Grimestopper in a vertical position. Crimestopper products for Euro style cylinders are available on special order.

Another locksmith headache is trying to secure hinges or strike plates when screw thread areas have stripped out. Again, GKL has the answer with screws having oversized thread areas but standard screw heads. GKL wood screws are available with #11 thread area and #9 Phillips head size. For commercial applications wood screws with a #14 threaded area and a #12 Phillips head size are available. Self drill / self tapping 12/14 screws are available for metal door applications. Various screw finishes are available to match existing hardware finishes.

Several other GKL tools and products deserve mention. Their DL1 door lifter tool can slip under the door allowing the door to be moved into position while installing or tightening hinges.

A magnetic finger (MGF1) fits on your finger and contains a powerful magnet, perfect for retrieving or setting screws into position during installations. The HL1 lock is designed to secure Herculite doors in case of emergency when the normal Herculite lock fails.

For a complete catalog of GKL products source: www.gklproducts.com. For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or GKL at 888-446-4337.