New ID48 Cloning Solution by Kaba Ilco Corp.

Sept. 1, 2016
With only a small grouping of key blank shells and a supply of T48 transponders, locksmiths can now be prepared to enter the profitable world of transponder key cloning.

Keys containing transponders first appeared in the early 90s. First versions of transponders were low tech when compared with transponder systems in use today. A check of one key catalog shows over 50 different varieties of individual transponder keys which are now in use. Many transponder keys use the same key blade shape and key code series but contain different levels of transponder security as manufacturers endeavor to keep ahead of possible breaches in security. To continue servicing vehicles, locksmiths have had to invest in large transponder key inventories in order to be prepared for the variety of transponder keys now in use.

A new solution from Kaba Ilco Corp. is designed to provide a way to simplify transponder key duplication. According to Kaba Ilco, transponder keys used by up to 95 percent of the vehicles on the road today can be cloned with this new cloning system called ID48. This includes over 200 vehicle models from the major automotive groups.

The ID48 system is an add-on product which must be used in addition to Kaba Ilco programming tools including RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ-Clone Plus, RW4 with Plus Box and Ilco EZ-Clone with Plus Box.

The ID48 Complete Cloning Solution consists of an M-Box, a software upgrade for either the existing RW4 or EZ-Clone programming tool which you own, plus an M-Snoop. A personal computer or fixed internet connect is not required to clone. Cloning can be completed via a smartphone or a tablet's hotspot function.

Kaba Ilco Corp. has developed a new T48 transponder which can be almost universally used for the ID48 cloning process. Exceptions are a few car models from Daewoo/Chevrolet, Kia and Pontiac. These exceptions require usage of a T33 transponder for programming. A Kaba Ilco Corp. starter kit includes the software, the M-Box, the M-Snoop plus 10 T48 transponders and 10 key shells.


Exact installation varies depending on the RW4 Plus, RW4 with Plus Box, Ilco EZ-Clone Plus or Ilco EZ-Clone with Plus Box which you are using. Disconnect all electrical wiring before beginning the installation. Four pins extend from the bottom of the M-Box. General instructions include placing the M-Box, top down, on a flat surface with the pins extending upward. Remove the four rubber feet from the bottom of the existing RW4 or Ilco EZ-Clone machine, install gaskets on each pin and fit the RW4 or Ilco EZ-Clone onto the pins. When using a Kaba Ilco programming tool which has a separate Plus Box, the M-Box is installed in between the RW4/Ilco EZ-Clone and the Plus Box. Retaining screws are furnished to hold the individual parts together. Reinstall wiring according as required.

An website is listed in the instruction manual. Once the installation is completed, users must register at the website in order to access ID48 web services. In order to configure the M-Box, the device must be connected to a computer USB port. A Windows program on the listed website guides the user through the configuration. During normal use, the M-Box can be connected either to a local LAN network or to a wi-fi wireless network. Vehicles which use the T33 transponder do not require an internet connection to complete the cloning process.


An M-Snoop is part of the ID48 system. This device is used to log data in order to duplicate keys for cars using Megamos Crypto transponders. An elastic band is used to fasten an operating key in a centered position against the M-Snoop. The M-Snoop is equipped with an antenna and LED lights. Note: Kaba Ilco Corp. states that the M-Snoop is the only device on the market today that can read original key data without the need for cutting a new key.

A data logging procedure consists of inserting the M-Snoop and attached operating key into the ignition and turning the ignition 'on'. LED1 will flash for a few seconds indicating that the first data reading is successful. Wait 10-20 seconds and repeat the same procedure again. LED1 will go on and LED2 will flash for a few seconds indicating that the second data reading is successful. When LED1 and LED2 go off, turn off ignition and remove key. Wait 10-20 seconds and repeat the same procedure a third time. LED1 and LED2 will flash for a few seconds and then go out indicating that the data reading is successful. Again turning the ignition to the 'on' position should turn both M-Snoop LED lights permanently on. This indicates that the M-Snoop has downloaded the information necessary for transferring to the machine RW4 or Ilco EZ-Clone for key cloning.

Kaba Ilco Corp. offers a full line of look-alike transponder key blanks. The following Kaba Ilco key blank shells contain an opening and a snap-in cap in the keybow to accept either a T48 or T33 transponder as needed. Some of these blanks are popular in the international market and may not often be used in the North American market. Blanks include:

  • B111-GTS
  • DWO4-GTS
  • FO21-GTS
  • H72-GTS
  • H84-GTS
  • HO03-GTS
  • HU66-GTS
  • HU101-GTS
  • HYN14-GTS
  • HYN14R-GTS
  • HYN6-GTS
  • KW16-GTS
  • MAZ24-GTX
  • NI02-GTS
  • NE66-GTS
  • SIP22-GTS
  • SZ17R-GTS
  • TOY40-GTS
  • TOY43-GTS
  • VA2-GTS
  • Y160-GTS

The result is that with only a small grouping of key blank shells and a supply of T48 transponders, locksmiths can now be prepared to enter the profitable world of transponder key cloning.

For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Ilco Corp, 252-446-3321.