May 1, 2007

The following chart is a listing of the 2007 model cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles that have been introduced thus far during the 2006/07 calendar years. Vehicles are continually being introducing during the year, and this is the most current listing available. We have compiled more than 300 vehicle models listed from the 36 major car manufacturers. Almost every vehicle in this list is equipped with an anti-theft system.

Before each model, there will be a “•” if a clonable transponder key blank is available. There are two types of clonable transponder key blanks: a standard rewrite transponder chip and an electric key that makes use of a battery powered circuit board. Where possible, numbers are provided for plastic head key blank(s). Metal head key blank numbers are used for valet keys and for lock systems where there are no plastic head key blanks available to the locksmith from these key blank manufacturers. Transponder key blanks will have a transponder value. However, where no transponder value is available, an un-programmed clonable transponder key blank number will be listed.

HATA key blanks where available will list the remote equipped key blanks. For example, Hata Chrysler key blanks will also indicate the number of buttons. The available number of buttons on the remote will be listed after the make and model. If the vehicle is CAN equipped, the letters “CAN” will follow the model. Where the key groove is important, it will be listed.

Please note: This list is a work in progress, as we have not been able to examine every model vehicle with every manufacturer's key blank. We apologize for any error or omissions to this list.

For more information, contact the following key blank manufacturers, listed alphabetically:

• A1 Security Manufacturing (division of Hurd Corp.) Telephone: 877-725-2121. Web site: www.demanda1.com.

• Bianchi USA Inc. Telephone: 800-891-2118. Web site: www.bianchi1770usa.com.

• Curtis Industries / Barnes Distribution. Telephone: 800-555-5397. Web site: www.barnesdistribution.com.

• Hata Inc. Telephone: 866-888-4282. Web site: www.hatainc.com.

• Jet Hardware Manufacturing Corp. Telephone: 718-257-9600. Web site: www.jetkeys.com

• Kaba Ilco Corp. Telephone: 800-334-1381. Web site: www.kaba-ilco.com

• Strattec Security Corp. Phone: 414-247-3333. Web site: www.strattec.com

To download our 2007 Model Year Chart in a pdf format, click here.