HOTWIRE: A New Way to Program Transponders

Oct. 1, 2007
The system from Keyless Ride is PC-based and operates on your laptop computer. The advantage of using a laptop computer cannot be overstated

There is no doubt that transponders have changed the way we service vehicle locks. With few exceptions, almost every car model built during the last five years has transponder security either as standard equipment or as an option. This means that electronic programming tools are now a requirement for servicing most of the cars on the street.

Until now, locksmiths could choose from a variety of programming tools all of which operated in a similar manner. Each tool contained some type of keypad and a small viewing screen. Information was sent and received by physically pressing individual buttons on the keypad while the small screen limited the amount of information on display.

Keyless Ride has developed a new system for transponder programming. The system is PC-based and operates on your laptop computer. The system is called ‘Hotwire'. Electronics for the system is contained in a box measuring approximately 6” X 4”. A cable is used to connect the Hotwire box to the OBD port in the vehicle to be serviced. A second cable connects the other end of the Hotwire box to the USB port on your laptop computer. Hotwire programming requires a Windows XP operating system.

At the present time Hotwire can program keys for Ford vehicles, Chrysler vehicles, plus Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. According to Keyless Ride, new applications are in research and development with much more software upgrades to come. Future upgrades will be able to be downloaded from the Internet. According to KeylessRide, update pricing will depend on the amount of research required. As example: if the transponder system for a 2008 vehicle is the same as for the same 2007 vehicle, there will be no charge for that 2008 update.

Keyless Ride is known for their wide range of available vehicle remotes. The Hotwire system can also program GM remotes, plus Hyundai and Kia remotes. The list of GM and Hyundai/Kia car models and years is too extensive to list here but can be viewed on their website at:

A special starter package includes the Hotwire hardware and nine free remotes. Locksmiths can choose from either a package of nine free remotes for Hyundai/Kia or nine free remotes for GM. A combo package is also offered which includes nine remotes each for Hyundai/Kia & GM, plus nine free transponder keys each for Ford and Chrysler.

PC-based, Hotwire programming has drop-down screens to speed the process of choosing the correct vehicle make, model and year. Actual pictures with part numbers are displayed on the screen to prevent any possibility of choosing the wrong remote for the job. The advantage of using a laptop computer cannot be overstated.

Hotwire is a good economical way for locksmiths to get started in the vehicle security sector and grow as the Hotwire system expands. For more information, contact KeylessRide at: 512-310-5757 or