Automotive Update: Encrypted Technology News

March 1, 2008
Bianchi is recalling and replacing TK30 chips with the new TK40, the next generation of the Electronic Crypto Chip. The TK40 chip will also allow locksmiths to program the new Ford remote head keys.

There is an old business adage that goes like this.  We are all human and mistakes will happen.  What separates the good from the best in class is how those errors are dealt with.

In the latter part of 2007, Bianchi’s head offices in Italy began receiving information from end users having service issues of the Texas Instruments Encrypted keys.  The levels reached a point that Bianchi in Italy decided they needed to take action.

In early January 2008, a plan was finalized and implementation began.  In brief, Bianchi Italy was going replace all of the Encrypted Keys that had been sold to the factory’s worldwide customer base.
The process of manufacturing the replacement keys and heads began in mid-January with the new stock scheduled to start arriving in weekly shipments to Bianchi Italy customers during February and March of 2008.  The Bianchi Italy customers in the USA will be receiving shipments of encrypted keys and heads totaling their purchases.

Bianchi USA will ship to their authorized distributors the exact quantities that the wholesaler purchased in Encrypted items. The distributor will in turn ship to their customers the same part numbers and quantities of Encrypted products that the locksmith has been invoiced for.

To differentiate old stock from new, new part numbers will be on the keys and heads. Bianchi USA will replace the TK30 mark with TK40. 
Bianchi USA will post a link at the company website ( that will enable Repli-code 7 TX owners to download updated software to their computer that works in conjunction with the programming (commonly called cloning) process.  The update will also enable Bianchi USA customers to program keys for 16 new 2008 auto models. Refer to the Bianchi USA web site for the latest information and an updated list of vehicles for which Bianchi USA can provide products. 

Buzz Baylis, a longtime Locksmith Ledger automotive contributor, is an independent manufacturers representative and his agency line card currently includes Bianchi USA plus five locksmith related factories.  [email protected]

TK30/TK40 FAQs

Can the TK30 still be used to copy Texas Crypto keys?

No. Starting Jan. 15, 2008 it will not be possible to use the TK30 head to duplicate those keys. The newTK40 will be used instead.

What happens if I try to copy a Texas Crypto key using a TK30?

An error message will be displayed when trying to write an OUTCODE from your Repli-Code 7 TX or console program.
Can I still read TK30 heads?

Yes, provided that the TK30 head is still working in the car (even if it works intermittently).

I have a number of TK30’s in stock. What do I do with these?

Discard your TK30 heads and contact your local distributor to obtain replacement TK40 heads as soon as they are available.
What is the TK40? The TK40 is the new electronic head developed by KeyLine, with upgraded technology that now also supports the new Ford remote head keys (aka Integrated Key Transponder or IKT). The TK40 head will fully replace the TK30.

Do I need to order new blades to be used with the TK40?

No. The TK40 is identical in shape to the TK30 so all the blades you used with the TK24 & TK30 can still be used with the TK40.

Do I need a different machine to use the TK40?

No. You will just need to update your Repli-Code 7 TX with a free software update that is available by downloading from our website or a CD is also available.

Does this update add any additional features to my Repli-Code 7 TX?

Yes. Not only does it enable you to use the new TK40 heads, but also allows you toc opy the Ford remote head keys (IKT) as a regular Texas Crypto key and to recognize the newest Honda keys with the latest Megamos chip

Do I need to purchase this update?

No. The upgrade will be available as a free download through our website or it is also available on CD. Please note: This update will only work if you have already purchased the update OR if you purchased the Repli-Code 7 TX that came complete with the Texas Crypto software already installed.

How do I copy a Texas Crypto key onto a TK40?

Exactly as you did for the TK30.

Do I need to update the console program on my computer?

No. The console will still work the same as before after you have installed the new software through the website or a CD.

I have a customer whose TK30 stopped working after it had worked for some time. I tried to read it but my Repli-Code 7 TX now displays ‘Transponder Not Detected.’ What can I do?

If the TK30 has stopped working, the code cannot be retrieved. You should make a copy from the original key from which the first copy was made to a new TK40 head.

I updated my Repli-Code 7 TX with update link you made available on the website, but now my machine displays an  ‘Activation Error’ message every time I switch it on. What happened?

If you receive an ‘Activation Error’ message, this means you tried to update a machine that did not currently have the Texas Crypto software update (rel. 10.02). You will need to purchase the Texas Crypto update (Bianchi Part # B7000) and then you will be able to successfully download this additional software update and unlock your machine.         



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Nov. 27, 2007