Vehicle Advertising

May 5, 2015
To advertise or not to advertise on your service vehicle

The question of locksmiths using their service vehicles as moving billboards has been debated, discussed and disagreed with for as long as I can remember.

The argument against advertising is the service vehicle will be broken into, key machines and tools will be stolen. Additional arguments are fees for city licenses/permits and higher insurance premiums.

The positive argument is additional name recognition (advertisement). The average mobile locksmith or employee spends a significant amount of time with their vehicle. This rolling billboard is driven to jobsites at different times of day. The vehicle is usually parked where the vehicle wrap, magnetic signage or lettering/graphics is out there for people to see. Plus, the signage notifies your customer's you are who you are and not someone pretending to be you.

The size of the advertisement is significant as most are service vehicles are vans, pickups with shells or sport utility vehicles; slab sided with plenty of space for promoting one's business.

Is the advertising value great enough to more than compensate for any loss and/or costs?

Do you have or have you had service vehicle signage?