Security and Public Safety at the Locksmith Ledger Offices

Jan. 14, 2014
Falling door closer, no one hurt

The Locksmith Ledger magazine office moved to a different floor within the same building. Some time was required for the new offices to be painted, upgraded and made ready for habitation.

The move-in day arrived and the employees began in the new environment. During the second day, the office entry doors' surface mounted door closer body fell off. The closer was held by the arm still attached to the metal header. The person who was opening the door thank goodness was not hurt.

Looking at the mounting screws, the installer used wrong screws. There are two small head screws for a tube bracket and two large head screws to fasten the closer chassis to the door. They installed the tube bracket, but used the large head screws. Then they installed the closer chassis using the small head screws and the small head screws slipped right through the chassis holes.

The lesson to be learned is when you provide your service, make sure the person or persons before you correctly did their job.

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