Residential Entries Insecure Doors

March 18, 2013
Some sidelight residential door assemblies offer little protection against kick attack

Daytime burglaries are on the rise. In fact, two friends homes were burglarized recently. Each is located on different sides of the country. The interesting part is the burglars according to law enforcement go into a neighborhood and pose as a sales person, gardener, etc. They knock on the front door and if someone responses, they leave. Going on down, they knock again, sometimes repeating the process until no one answers the door indicating no one is home. At this house, they attempt to gain entry by attacking the front door, back door or garage walk-in door. A second person can attempt entry at a different door.

In both instances, they gained entry through the front door. Both homes have a view of the street. The entry is equipped with doors that have decorative glass sidelights. When the burglars used their feet, the sidelight provided little resistance and the door swung open.

At one home, dogs in the back yard did not stop the forced entry nor did it cause a neighbor to go out and check.

Educate your residential customers. Help them to keep their possessions. Offer your customers methods of reinforcement.