Who Do You Trust?

Jan. 21, 2013
Selling larger jobs can require outside support, who do you trust?

Most locksmiths companies are small businesses that have few employees. Many are family operations that have been in business for generations. According to research, I have found that a significant number of locksmith companies have fewer than six employees. A small percentage has more than twenty.

For those locksmiths who provide commercial services, there are opportunities to become involved in larger jobs, such as master keying an entire building or apartment complex, or replacing door hardware on a significant number of openings.

These jobs are available through the bidding process, by having an "in" with a locksmith distributor or a personal connection.

Some larger locksmiths have the employees that with some shuffling, can remove, master key and install hundreds of lock cylinders without much difficulty. Some companies have the financial support or have established short term financial services. Smaller shops do not have the same options to the same degree. For those locksmith companies that are growing or happy being their size, there is no option to pull from within. Large shops may have issues with the bigger jobs.

Which brings us to the difficult aspect of business today? Money is tight and people like to save money. For a number of companies and people, they have one golden rule. That is to get as much as possible. No matter how.

This leads to the question "Who do you trust to be able to sell some larger jobs?” How do you decide?