Back Page, August 2023

June 29, 2023

10 Years Ago

Tim O’Leary wrote about NAPCO’s lockdown solutions for schools, universities and government facilities, which have expanded greatly over the last 10 years. Jerry Levine reported on the Dortronics ML-1100 Series Mortise Lock and Pull, a rugged solution with a concealed locking mechanism and concealed fasteners on the exterior of the door. Transponder Cloning Technology Basics was the title of a Steve Young article, and that technology has certainly advanced since 2013. However, his advice still stands. “Before investing in equipment, make a list of the vehicles that you see on a regular basis. Then choose a machine that will serve your needs.” The Securitron PowerJump, the first contactless power transfer device, was introduced. Training classes for ASSA ABLOY’s IP-enabled locks were listed. Today, ASSA ABLOY University offers continuing education on the full ASSA ABLOY lineup. (Unlike this year, ALOA and our New Product focus were in July in 2013.)

20 Years Ago

Tom Gillespie listed the 12 locksmith tools you probably use every day. Rod Oden outlined the best tools for interchangeable core cylinder servicing. Tim O'Leary reported on choices in electromagnetic locks.  Tim O'Leary also described the tools necessary for installing mag locks.  Jerry Levine participated in the installation of a delayed exit mag lock system by Securitron.  Gale Johnson demonstrated the procedures involved in replacing Rixson floor closers.  Jerry Levine developed a chart showing vehicles which used transponder keys. Frank Markisello introduced his new Ford ignition lock removal tool.  The Locksmith Ledger National Average Price List showed an hourly rate of $50. Jerry Levine listed which domestic vehicles are equipped with either Saginaw round or CSS steering columns.  Tiny featured a 2002 Hyundai Accent in his monthly lock servicing column.  Steve Kaufman interviewed Bill Young, 2004 ALOA president-in-waiting.

Product Introductions of the Past

As we head to ALOA to see the latest and greatest products on the market, we take a look back at some notable introductions from 2013 and 2017. Some of these products are still in use and some have been enhanced or retired. Several of the manufacturers are no longer serving the security market.

Five Years Ago

  • Corbin Russwin ML2000 mortise locksets
  • Sargent 7800/8800 mortise locks
  • Ilco Smart4Car
  • STRATTEC Cadillac Fobs
  • ASSA Maximum Plus
  • Capitol Industries’ Magnetic Padlock
  • Jet 7000 Key Machine
  • Westinghouse RTS Lock with Lockdown
  • Cal-Royal DB9000 Deadbolt
  • CCL i-Lock Electronic Cabinet Lock

Ten Years Ago

  • Securitron PowerJump
  • Trilogy Networx
  • Kaba PowerPlex 2000
  • CompX RegulatoR Cabinet Lock
  • Jet 9000 Manual Key Machine
  • Arrow Revolution
  • Sargent 7000 Multi-Point Lock
  • Keyline Ninja
  • Lockmasters Shermantor Emergency Safe Dialer
  • Access Tools Super Pro Complete Car Opening Set