News Briefs, Peope June 2023

June 2, 2023

2023 Ilco Key Blank Directory

Kaba Ilco Corp. has released its 13th edition of its popular Key Blank Directory, a 463-page valuable reference for all locksmiths.

Sections include:

1. Vehicle Keys

2. North American Cylinder

3. International Cylinder

4A. Originals

4B. Look-Alike Cylinders

4C Look-Alike Remotes

5 Safe Deposit

6A. Flat Steel

6B. Miscellaneous

7. Bit and Barrel

8A. Specialty Keys

8B. Merchandising Aids

9. Key Machines

10. Cross Reference

Printed copies are available through Ilco distributors. The entire directory or relevant chapters can be downloaded at

New Biometric Partnership

PassiveBolt, ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5 Group have announced their partnership and plans to develop a new biometric access control solution based on decentralized identity technology. This collaboration is aimed at delivering a more secure and efficient way for businesses to manage access to their premises using biometrics, but without needing to store or control biometric data.

The new solution combines the decentralized identity technology of PassiveBolt, the biometric readers of ZKTECO USA, the door locks of PDQ, and the digital identity container technology for encrypted storage of biometric and other data of the identity holder – T5-Cryptograph – of TECH5. This will enable businesses to utilize biometric matching to authenticate the identity of individuals before providing access to physical areas or digital resources.

"Biometric authentication is a growing trend as businesses search for user-friendly methods to secure their facilities and systems and authorize access," said Kabir Maiga, CEO of PassiveBolt. "Through our collaboration with ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5, we can provide a highly secure, decentralized solution that eliminates the need for centralized identity management systems along with its associated privacy and security risks."

The new solution will employ decentralized identity technology, providing an extra layer of security and privacy. This technology allows individuals to store and manage their own identity data, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive information from centralized storage. It is compliant by design with all privacy laws, including BIPA and CCPA.

"We are excited to partner with PassiveBolt, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5 to create a new biometric access control solution that leverages decentralized identity technology," said Manish Dalal, President of ZKTECO USA. "This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our belief in the importance of biometric authentication as a key element of modern security systems."

"A decentralized digital identity verified biometrically will become key for access control, especially when it uses revocable biometrics and verification on edge. We believe that this partnership and our innovative approach will provide the access control market with a unique and highly effective solution that is convenient and secure for both – management of buildings and users," said Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman, and CTO of TECH5 Group.

D&D Technologies’ Pool Safety Checklist

May was Check Your Pool Gate Month and D&D Technologies provides a checklist to be sure pool gates are working right throughout the summer. It is critical to check your local pool codes for compliance, as local codes may vary.

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1 – 4 years, with an average of 11 fatal and 22 non-fatal drownings per day. The majority of the children that drown in swimming pools most commonly gain access to the pool area through a faulty fence or gate.

Combined with constant child supervision and other layers of protection, physically checking your pool gate and maintaining your pool gate regularly to ensure it self-closes and self-latches at all times could help prevent drownings, yet only 30% of pool owners check the safety of their pool gate once a year. You should not be able to open a gate without activating the release mechanism, which should be out of the reach of toddlers. Additionally, the gate should self-close and self-latch without assistance.

D&D Technologies partnered with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) to establish the Check Your Pool Gate Month campaign during National Water Safety Month. The initiative was created to remind pool owners of the vital need to ensure pool fences, gates, latches and hinges are secure, adjusted correctly, and incorporate multiple layers of protection to help secure the pool area from unauthorized entry.

“Our goal with Check Your Pool Gate Month is to educate pool owners about pool safety and to encourage them to check their pool surroundings not once a year, but regularly,” says Jim Paterson, D&D’s SVP of Sales and Marketing.

A few minutes is all it takes for pool owners to check that their pool fences and gates are in good working order. This simple routine done regularly could help save the life of a child.

  • Gates should open outwards, away from the pool
  • Latch release knob should be out of reach of toddlers under 5 years. (check local codes/standards for minimum requirements)
  • Fence should be at a minimum height to comply with your region and encompass the pool area. (check local codes/standards for minimum requirements)
  • Gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • Fence perimeter should have adequate distance from other climbable objects or structures
  • Gate hinges are reliable, tension-adjustable, self-closing and rust-free
  • Latch cannot be key-locked in the “open” position
  • Latch cannot be opened using implements or force
  • Latch must be adjustable horizontally and vertically to accommodate gate movement
  • Maximum clearance from finished ground surface is no more than 4” (100mm)
  • Gate will latch from any position, including from resting on the latching mechanism
  • Gate complies with all relevant Codes/Standards and legislation for pool safety
  • Incorporate multiple layers of protection

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Amityville, NY –NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., has appointed Michael Venoit as Napco VP of Sales, Fire & Security, managing all Napco Security regional sales managers and accounts. Venoit, who joined NAPCO as the Continental Access Division VP of Sales in 2021, is a proven leader and additionally has decades of experience growing revenue in the commercial fire and intrusion categories. 

Venoit will report to Stephen Spinelli, Senior VP of Sales for all NAPCO divisions,  Spinelli said, "Michael has proven himself as an effective sales leader for NAPCO Security Technologies, and he’ll be an ideal fit for growing the Napco Security Division business and managing that team, at a particularly exciting time, with the nationwide rollout of StarLink MAX 5G Universal Cell Communicators, the expansion of FireLink Commercial Fire FACP line, and the debut of Napco Prima Residential All-in-One Super Panel, early this summer."

Contact Venoit at [email protected] or cell 631-275-2784 or stop by for a visit at the ESX or NFPA Shows coming this June.

Continental Access has named Aaron Black as the new Continental Access Vice President of Sales, replacing  Venoit.  Black will  report to Spinelli. He will be charged with managing the Continental Access accounts and the full sales team, including the Division’s Regional Sales Managers & VP of Business Development.

Spinelli added, "Aaron will be great for the Continental Sales Team, he has a lot of experience in the marketplace, and will be spearheading the creation of a brand new Napco Access Pro Dealer Program, benefitting our current and new integrators’ businesses with new excitement, options & value across the board.” 

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Black can be reached at [email protected] or cell 817-888-4872.

Norcross, GA -- SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control and operating system solutions that provide a keyless experience, has appointed three new area leaders for the West, Southeast, and Northeast regions of North America. The move comes as part of the organization's decentralization initiative to enhance customer service, foster a culture of learning, and ensure sustainable growth.

“I’m proud that our team and organization has grown and achieved the ability to begin to realize this decentralized vision. Many within our team have been working hard behind the scenes to arrive at this moment,” said SALTO North America President Bill Wood. “Decentralizing our organization allows us to get closer to our customers and better understand their needs. By moving decision-making closer to the customer, we can respond more quickly to their needs, improve our service offerings, and ensure that we are meeting their expectations. We believe this approach will lead to a more customer-centric organization, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and will help us attract and retain top talent, enhance our organizational capabilities, and drive innovation.”

Joe Buist has been named Area Leader for SALTO West. Buist, who has been in the security industry for nearly two decades, has worked for SALTO for 11 years in a variety of technology and sales roles and most recently served as Senior Regional Sales Manager for the West.

Steve Burk is the Area Leader for SALTO Southeast. Burk most recently served SALTO as Director of Marketing and Industries.

David Latreille is the Area Leader for SALTO Northeast. He most recently served SALTO as International Program Manager, delivering complex programs to SALTO’s largest clients around the world. An end user advocate and Disciplined Agile evangelist, he said he looks forward to sharing the experiences of the last five years at SALTO with his team and their customers.

For more information on SALTO Systems' electronic access solutions, visit

GREENVILLE, SC– Paxton, the global brand of electronic IP access control, video surveillance and video intercom systems, has hired a new and highly experienced addition to their U.S, Training team as they continue to accelerate growth across North America.

Wesley Greenhaw recently joined the Paxton team as field training engineer for the central U.S. He will be responsible for providing installation training at locations from the Rio Grande to the Canadian border. Greenhaw will provide practical hands-on training for Paxton’s complete line of stand-alone and networked solutions.

Greenhaw says: “Paxton is a world-class company and continues to grow. I am confident that with the support of my colleagues at Paxton, I will be able to deliver world-class training to our dealers. I am passionate about providing the best experience I can for the people I interact with, and I am excited to see how far I can grow with Paxton.”

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