Back Page, December 2022

Dec. 2, 2022

10 Years Ago

Jerry Levine’s overview of aluminum glass storefront doors noted that they could be equipped with exit devices, mortise locks, push-button locks, push bars, pull handles, levers and paddles. Levine’s automotive update provided a preview of the new key blanks, locks, tools and software for servicing 2013 vehicles, many of which still are on the road today. Tim O’Leary explained how Securitech’s Trident multipoint exit device helps retailers to combat theft. Levine also checked out the Larco Guardian II electronic access control system. Stand-alone offline locks were recommended as a cost-effective way to upgrade your customer from traditional mechanical locking devices. Gale Johnson wrote about “Bringing a 100-Year-Old Lock Back to Life.” The lock in question was a Corbin unit lock, and Johnson was able to reassemble the lock and cut working keys. Johnson also reviewed the SimpliciKey electronic keypad deadbolt for residential applications that could be unlocked by a key, code or keyfob remote. At that time, locks opened by smartphone apps still were under development. Another article addressed changes in windstorm building codes in hurricane-prone areas.

20 Years Ago

Keypads were the center of interest in the December 2002 issue. Tim O’Leary described the different available types of keypads. Jerry Levine offered an in-depth look at steel doors and frames. Levine also took his camera along to a site where a metal door and frame were being installed. O’Leary continued the door theme with his article on the types and classifications of doors. Tom Gillespie visited a CCTV class at the Greater Chicago Locksmith Association headquarters where locksmith students installed a CCTV camera system in the building. An article outlined the steps for installing new flush end caps on SARGENT exit devices. Gillespie also visited a successful locksmith business in Crown Point, Indiana. Laurie Simon provided a historical prospective on Yale Bicentric lock cylinders. Two cylinder plugs — operating separate cams and all stuffed into one lock cylinder housing — can provide up to 720,000 key changes in a system. Tiny showed how to fit keys to a Mack “Easy Rider” semi. Steve Kaufman interviewed Mike Cogan, Access Security Corp., for his ideas on sales and marketing. An extensive chart showed lock information for every 2002 car model.

The Decade’s Top 20

In our December 2022 issue, we take a look back at the best new product introductions of the year. But what if we went back further in time? Based on Google Analytics data, these are the most-viewed product and product-related items on in the past 10 years. Some but not all of the products are still on the market. Some of the companies, such as Jet Hardware, no longer serve security pros.

1. LockeyUSA keyless security for sliding glass doors

2.  Lockmasters Tool Catalog

3. Hollon Safe Lift

4. Genuine Lishi Tools User Guide / Genuine Lishi Series Training Kit

5. Lockmasters Kwikset SmartKey Decoder

6. Lucky Line Products Key Shapes

7. Kaba Ilco Futura Key Machine

8. PowerMate safe-moving equipment

9. Kaba Mas Smart Series programmable multi-user safe lock

10. Von Duprin Quiet Suite door hardware

11. KeylessRide HotWire software

12. Access Tools Complete Car-Opening Tool Set

13. Jet Hardware 9000 key machine

14. U.S. Lock Master Catalog

15. Lockmasters Import Lockset Bypass Tools

16. Sargent and Greenleaf gun safe lock with lighted keypad

17. Steve Young’s Quick Reference Auto Manual

18. Kaba Ilco Mini Mite

19. Advanced Diagnostics T-Code Pro MVP user manual

20. Lockmasters Lock Duo safe lock