How to Make Your Van a Productive Working Space

Aug. 2, 2022

Being a productive security pro depends on your working surroundings. Productivity is the consistent link among successful service techs, contractors and locksmiths who understand that productivity equates to maximum profits and minimal headaches. So, it makes sense to improve things that affect productivity in your working environment — your van.

Driving a good-looking, well-equipped service vehicle not only provides name recognition, but it also will make your work time more productive and comfortable. Whether you drive a full-size or compact service van — or even convert used ambulances or box trucks into service vehicles — locksmiths have to have a solid plan for outfitting their vehicles.

A former technical editor at Locksmith Ledger recommended installing good lighting throughout the vehicle, with LED lights for the work area as necessary. He added that you should consider 12 VDC motors for your key machines, because some 115 VAC motors aren’t compatible with inverters, and advised contacting key machine manufacturers for specifics.

No van is really a service vehicle without interior steel, aluminum or wood cabinetry or shelving. And depending on your location, air conditioning and heater or fan-equipped vents are critical, along with adequate insulation.

Here are a few more helpful hints for tricking out the van interior:

  • Before you install any cabinetry, think about the flooring material. A commercial carpet in a medium solid color is an option even though it might get dirty. Pins, wafers and other small pieces also won’t bounce far on a carpet. You also can use custom rubber mats if you want to pay the price.
  • The work area layout should take into consideration whether you’ll require a workbench. Determine how much bench area is required for servicing and repairing, key machines, etc.
  • You want to figure out whether key blanks are to be kept in boxes or installed onto a wall rack and just how large must the largest cabinet be to accommodate specialized equipment. Remember, if the cabinets are too deep, there might not be sufficient space for working or moving.
  • To power electrical tools, recharge batteries for cordless tools or operate key and other types of machinery, inverters are a sound investment.
  • Partitions that securely separate driver and cargo ensure safety for you and your technicians.
  • Sometimes, the little details have the biggest effect. Van organization goes beyond shelving and cabinets — sometimes even simple accessories, such as hooks, are significant additions.

Instead of using magnetic signs or paying a sign painter to customize your van’s exterior, consider this: Vehicle wrap advertising partially or completely covers a vehicle with an advertisement and is similar to a gigantic vinyl decal.

Building your productive workspace can be a creative exercise that eventually will increase your revenue and build your brand recognition.

Along those lines, Locksmith Ledger will hold a competition for Best Van late in 2022. Details to come shortly.