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June 2, 2022

10 Years Ago

In our June 2012 issue, Locksmith Ledger highlighted key machines. Gale Johnson reported on the then-new Framon SD2 sidewinder machine, a manual key machine that could duplicate and originate sidewinder (laser) keys. Steve Young wrote about specialty locksmith tools, including the Gator Mortise Wrench, Bullseye Installation Tool for cylindrical locksets, Keedex USB Wafer Reader and Ultra Security Key Retainer Device. He also introduced readers to Original Lishi 2-in-1 Picks/Decoders. Jerry Levine’s article, “Tools for Servicing Interchangeable Core Locks,” addressed pinning kits, key punch machines, decoders and key blanks and included tips on cutting IC keys. Levine also reviewed the Rytan RY103 Optional Carbide Cutter and Pulley Kit for cutting steel keys. Tim O’Leary submitted the winning bid for an electronic access control installation that used the Schlage bright blue web-based door controller and Schlage electronic locks. A new technology, near field communication (NFC), now widely available, was introduced to the market. Jim Hetchler, one of the organizers of Just Cars, wrote about “Challenges In Servicing the 2008 Kia Optima.”

20 Years Ago

Key machines were the focus of the June 2002 Locksmith Ledger. Jerry Levine reported on the 950C code machine by ITL. Jeff Trepanier tested an HPC 1200CM code machine.  The dependable Framon #2 also was reviewed. Tom Gillespie suggested stocking key accessories and novelties as impulse items for added sales. Dick Zunkel recommended servicing concealed door closers as a lucrative new vertical market. Tim O’Leary recommended surface-mounted closers as another profit center. Jerry Levine installed an access control system by using Securitron and SARGENT products. Jeff Trepanier showed how to fit keys by using code numbers. Jerry Levine introduced the Kaba Ilco SDD diagnostic programmer. Gale Johnson looked at masterkeying “without putting a pencil to the paper.” Tim O’Leary warned of the possible shock hazards when working with electricity. Kaba Ilco displayed its Millenium Entry system. Jeff Trepanier explained how to fit keys to various locks found on boats.

Vintage Key Machine

A reader sent in images of this vintage key duplicator, likely from the 1950s or 1960s, that’s still in use today! This is a Kaba Ilco Model 2S that has a little electric motor on the back. These days, it’s used primarily to duplicate Schlage C keyways. Thanks to reader Justin Blakeman from Aroyan in Abington, Massachusetts, for the information and images.