ISC West: Day One Report

March 24, 2022
A first look at new products from the show floor

With the full resumption of trade shows in 2022, it’s interesting to note that “what’s new” in the security world isn’t necessarily new, but it’s new to the security pro.

On Day One of the annual ISC West, several manufacturers touted products that many had heard of but few actually had seen in the real world. Others, however, did have new products on display. Here’s a brief roundup of what security pros might NOT have heard of yet, let alone seen.

At the NAPCO Security Technologies booth, the Marks USA division introduced its new line of architectural hardware that’s integrated with LatchOS, an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) platform that’s moving into multifamily applications.

“These locks are designed for multifamily, whether campus or standard,” says Roy Miller, sales director at Marks USA. He notes that combining Marks’ proven mechanical hardware, including an automatic deadbolt functionality, with Latch’s app adds value to the security pro. “They want to provide security and want to be relevant in the market.”

The locks, in cylindrical and mortise versions, are aimed at retrofit applications and can handle access by card, smartphone (through the Latch app) and virtual keypad that lights up when you touch it. Miller adds that the Latch app can be tied to smart-home applications, such as a thermostat or even lighting. The locks are aimed at a year-end 2022 release.

ASSA ABLOY companies also showed off a couple of new products, along with dozens of others: the Securitron DR100 door relay and the Alarm Controls 1200DE maglock.

The door relay, which is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022, is aimed at bringing access control where there wasn’t any before, such as doors for public restrooms or outdoor gates, says Sylvons Iyavoo, senior product manager for ASSA ABLOY. It’s part of the Aperio line of products that incorporates wireless data connectivity among the lock, card reader and the access control head end.

In this case, the lock is whatever is already installed and could be an electronic deadlock, maglock or strike, so the DR100 is aimed at retrofits. By adding the DR100, which is hard-wired, not battery-powered as are most Aperio products, an end user could monitor doors and control access as necessary. For example, on a restroom, Iyavoo says, “The relay would know the door is locked and the restroom is occupied.” It then would deactivate the reader so another person couldn’t gain access until the room was unoccupied.

The 1200DE, which is expected to be released during the second quarter of 2022 has a couple of interesting features that are aimed at the healthcare market, particularly facilities where delayed egress is important, says Lissette Tuminello, product manager for ASSA ABLOY.

In addition to a 15-second visual countdown timer included in the face of the maglock, the 1200DE has a tone and even voice countdown with several language options. (You could use one or both.) The advantage of the voice countdown is that “the voice makes clear how much time is left before the door closes and is distinct from a fire alarm, for example,” Tuminello says.

In addition, the maglock has 1,200 pounds of locking force and includes a key bypass.