A Locksmith's Thanksgiving

Nov. 17, 2021

Thanksgiving is only eight days away and is the time to count our blessings. Of course, we all are particularly thankful for our loved ones, our health and our ability to provide for our family. If you’re reading this, you made it through a challenging year.

On a lighter note, locksmiths also have other reasons to be thankful. Here we list smaller but much-appreciated perks in no particular order. I’m sure our readers could expand upon this list. We will post this on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/LocksmithLedgerInternational) and ask for suggestions.

  • Indoor jobs on cold, rainy days
  • A well-stocked, well-organized van that includes the keys and key machines to get the job done
  • Heated seats
  • Specialty tools that make the job easier, such as Original Lishi picks, pin kits and capping presses
  • An apprentice/assistant willing to do some of the grunt work and eager to learn
  • Referrals from happy customers
  • Commercial customers who pay all their invoices immediately
  • That guy at the car dealership who will share codes with you
  • Hot coffee always on back at the shop
  • Multiple jobs in the same neighborhood on the same day
  • A strong cell signal or Wi-Fi network
  • Curbside pickup at your local distributor’s facility when you have to have that part ASAP
  • Good reviews on social media
  • Failed DIY'ers who realize the value of hiring a pro
  • Tech support open when you want it, particularly after hours
  • Google, Waze and other traffic apps to get to and from the jobsite faster
  • Fully charged electronics and power tools
  • Commercial customers asking for security upgrades to keep their people safe
  • Lockout customers willing to show proper ID
  • Safe-moving equipment and extra manpower when that heavy safe has to be delivered
  • Emergency calls that come in after you’ve finished your Thanksgiving meal and before your bedtime

I am NOT a locksmith, but I am grateful for those locksmiths out there who have rescued my family and friends when they were locked out of their homes or cars. I even might have called on my local locksmith a couple of times.

Thank you so much and have a great Thanksgiving!

-- Emily Pike