Ziptide June 2021

June 2, 2021

More Tributes to Gale Johnson

Through reading Steve Lasky's comments from March 23, I discovered that Gale has passed on. I'm greatly saddened, because Gale was a great person. We stayed in communication for decades, and I'll miss conversing with him.

Please thank Steve for me. His article was touching. After this email, I'm going to call Jerry Levine and have a good cry.

— Rod Oden

Gale was a true gentleman and a proponent for automotive locksmiths. I as well as the whole industry will miss his support and his overall inquisitive nature. RIP Gale, and condolences to the family.

— Jeff Baker

STRATTEC Security Corp.

What a good friend, a great editor and the best advocate for our industry. His voice may now be silent, but his vision lives on.

— Roy Miller, CPL

Marks USA

I enjoyed working with Gale over the years when I just started out at RCI back in the ’90s. I thought at first I was working with a female named Gale until one day he called me up to go over a piece we were doing in Ledger. He said, “Hi Antoinette. It’s Gale.” I said, “Gale who?” Then I realized he’s a man! After a huge chuckle on both sides, he joked every time he called. I loved working with him and catching up at shows. He will be sadly missed. My condolences to his family.

— Antoinette Lucchese

Thanks for the great tribute, Steve. Working for Adams Rite in my past life, I attended many SHDA conferences, presenting our latest innovations to our many great distribution partners in addition to the various industry publications.

Gale always was discerning in his reviews and comments. You could tell by his attention and focus that he looked at things differently, and industry jargon and fluff were being filtered as quickly as they were delivered. He was always fair, and he was also brutally honest. I appreciated this immensely. At the end of the day, if we got a raised eyebrow or two out of Gale, then we knew that we were on the right track.

It is very sad to hear of his passing, but reflecting on my interactions with Gale brought back many good memories. 

— Michael Phillips