Ziptide April 2021

April 1, 2021

Remote Programming

A customer bought a new remote that’s programmed to his car. This seems to have kicked out the remotes that his wife and daughter have to the same car. To regrant access to all three, do they have to buy three new remotes all programmed at once, or is there a way to have the other two individuals bring in their remotes and have them reprogrammed to the guy’s remote?

—   Ed Herman

Clark Devon Hardware

Thanks for reading. It depends on the vehicle, so without knowing the customer’s vehicle, we couldn’t say for sure, but it’s likely they’ll have to buy three new remotes. According to our auto expert, Steve Young, most of the time, the first step of the programming process deletes all existing remotes from a vehicle’s system, and you’d have to program in the new remote and all existing remotes at the same time. Some later models of Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi vehicles allow you to add a remote as long as you have a working remote to begin with. Further, different vehicles program differently.

“I just did a 2011 Silverado, and you can add a remote to it without deleting the other remotes,” Young says. “If you want to delete the other remotes, there is an option for that. It just depends on the vehicle. I used to tell people in my classes that there was no single automotive job that required you to be a rocket scientist, but the problem is that EVERY job is different.”

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