News Briefs, November 2020

Nov. 2, 2020

ASSA ABLOY Launches Egress Calculator

The ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions helps select the proper code-compliant doors and hardware for various openings based on individual states’ adopted version of the International Building Codes. The first-of-its-kind interactive tool makes the tedious process of finding code-compliant hardware requirements simpler. Users can access this tool via computer, tablet or smartphone, whether they’re at a project job site or in the office.

The Egress Calculator determines the occupant load of a room or space, the minimum opening clearance required for exit and exit access doorways, and the required swing direction of doors. It also provides references to the minimum hardware requirements for side-hinged and pivoted swinging doors, and fire- or smoke-rated doors based on the exceptions for each occupancy type.

The adoption and enforcement of building codes and standards falls to state and local governments, thus creating one of the biggest challenges for architects, designers and contractors: staying knowledgeable about codes as they change over time and between locations of projects. ASSA ABLOY’s Egress Calculator helps industry professionals quickly stay apprised of the codes and standards, although it doesn’t replace the necessity for them having their own copy of the code.

“ASSA ABLOY has always been committed to not only providing customers with the best possible solutions, but also with tools and training that educate them on how to make strategic decisions about their facilities’ openings and access control,” says Katie Flower, AOC, CSI, CDT, training specialist at ASSA ABLOY Academy. “We’re excited to offer customers the ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator as another resource in our suite of digital tools and trainings, which are all available for free.”

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Wilson Bohannan Featured in Made in America Product Showcase

Representatives from the Wilson Bohannan Lock Co., a 160-year-old, family-owned padlock and commercial locking systems manufacturer in Ohio, was named to display the company’s 100 percent U.S.-made brass padlocks at the Made in America Product Showcase, at the White House. The event, scheduled for Oct. 5, was postponed.

“We are proud to represent Ohio — and our community of Marion — at this year’s Made in America Product Showcase,” says Howard Smith, president and CEO of Wilson Bohannan. “Our American-made, brass key padlocks are used by a variety of industries all over the world, and we look forward to promoting the strength and dedication of the 72 associates at Wilson Bohannan who work hard every day to produce our high-quality, customized locking devices.”

For a product to be called “Made in America” and to be eligible for the showcase, the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission. “All or virtually all” means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin, and the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.

Wilson Bohannan’s technologically advanced manufacturing process starts with U.S.-made brass bars, which are cut into varying sizes for the lock bodies and then fit with custom-made, internal locking mechanisms using state-of-the-art CNC machines. The company’s in-house, end-to-end padlock design system allows Wilson Bohannan to customize and build almost any possible locking device a customer might want. All manufacturing is done at the company’s 42,000-square-foot plant in Marion, Ohio.

“I believe that the Wilson Bohannan Lock Co. spirit is being 100 percent American-made,” says Sarah Rassell, a seventh-generation owner of the Wilson Bohannan. “We believe in providing the best quality locking product on the market.”

Wilson Bohannan was founded in 1860 and continues to make high-level security locking mechanisms and key systems that are used by industries as varied as construction, utilities, transportation, government, oil fields, military and heavy industry. The company has been family-owned since its inception, and the current leadership is the sixth and seventh generation to own and operate it.

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Alarm Lock’s Trilogy / Harley-Davidson Promotion Rides Again

Alarm Lock Systems, a Division of NAPCO, has begun a Number Ones Trilogy T2 Contest, celebrating the leadership role of its class-leading Trilogy T2 Series Pushbutton Locks with a grand-prize contest for a Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle. The Alarm Lock promotion reprises a successful promotion from years ago by locksmiths and security pros a chance to win the Sportster motorcycle prize with every T2 Series DL2700/DL2800 lock they buy at a participating distributor nationwide, from Oct. 1 through June 30, 2021.

For each DL2700 or DL2800 Series model (standard cylindrical, double-sided, lock-down, mortise, narrow stile, exit trim) the locking pro simply completes an online form, including uploading a proof of purchase from a participating distributor. Each entry creates another chance in the drawing: the more entries, the better the chance to win.

Bill Sporre, vice president of Alarm Lock and Marks USA, says, “We are glad to bring back this popular promo. After all, it’s a natural combo: Both their bikes and our locks are No. 1 because of an innovative design, rugged durability and supercool performance. Winners are heartily encouraged to ride off and socially distance in style.”

To find a participating distributor, locking pros can look for the large orange and black Alarm Lock Number Ones Motorcycle Poster, or go online to see the list, along with full program details, as well as the promotion’s entry form at

Entries include a space for locking pros to optionally name the distributor associate who helped them with the T2 purchase, and, in turn, they, too, will have a chance to win a second Sportster Distributor’s Prize. Prize winners will be disclosed in July 2021.

Camden Launches Touchless Access Control Website

Camden Door Controls has started a website designed to provide up-to-the-minute information on low-voltage system design in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The website is an easy-to-use one-stop resource for installers, building and facility managers, architects and system specifiers.

The website ( highlights no-touch and low-touch solutions that eliminate the spread of germs caused by manually operating door-activation devices, such as push/exit buttons. It also highlights additional opportunities to increase convenience for building occupants and provide better service to people who have disabilities. information resources include application design options for automatic doors and access control systems, information on the industry’s newest no-touch and low-touch products (with links to detailed product pages) and an in-depth Information Library, which includes educational trade press articles and white papers.

“Camden is very proud to deliver this valuable resource to the industry,” says David Price, Camden’s vice president of corporate communication & business development. “We’ve been developing no-touch technology for more than 15 years, including industry-leading motion sensor and wireless systems. Camden is uniquely positioned to help installers, facility managers, architects and system specifiers respond to the new ‘wave’ of requirements for touchless door control.”

ASSA ABLOY Unveils Safer2Open Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas introduced its Safer2Open suite of hands-free solutions. Available across a variety of products, mechanical and electromechanical, these solutions can reduce touchpoints without compromising functionality in a range of facilities, including health care, education, office buildings and other high-traffic spaces where decreasing the spread of germs is essential to public safety.

“As the economy begins to reopen, there’s a surging need and demand for facilities to employ new approaches that enable healthier environments,” says Mark Duato, executive vice president, Aftermarket at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas. “From low-touch to completely touchless automated openings, ASSA ABLOY’s Safer2Open solutions include a range of cost-effective and low- to high-tech options for a myriad of facilities’ doors, from entrance to exit.”

Many state and local COVID-19 protocols recommend reducing the number of touchpoints in a facility, along with additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Safer2Open products provide quick-to-implement solutions that can withstand rigorous cleaning cycles to align with these recommendations and improve facility safety as organizations adapt to this new normal.

Safer2Open solutions include:

Low-Touch Solutions

Trim options, such as SARGENT ALP Push/Pull Trim, Corbin Russwin HPSK Paddle Trim and Adams Rite Push/Pull Paddle Trim, are low-touch solutions that allow doors to be opened with minimal contact and can be added to virtually any opening to enable hands-free operation.

Rockwood Hands-Free Arm and Foot Pulls allow access and egress without grasping hardware. These cost-effective options for hands-free door operation can be implemented in new and pre-existing aluminium, metal or wood openings.

SARGENT Electrified Closer-Holders keep doors open during high-traffic times to minimize contact on door handles.

Exit devices that have motorized and electric latch retraction, such as Adams Rite 8000 and 3000 Series, Corbin Russwin ED5000 Series, SARGENT 80 Series Exit Device with Electric Latch Retraction and Yale 7000 Series, enable remote locking or unlocking of a door, making it easier for people to move quickly and hands-free through virtually any opening.

No-Touch Solutions

Low-energy door operators from Norton are compatible with wave-to-open switches to provide an easy, contact-free method of opening doors.

Wave-to-open switches, from Securitron and Alarm Controls, can pick up hand gestures within 4 inches of the switch to trigger operation for swing doors.

Exit motion sensors, from Securitron and Alarm Controls, are egress options that minimize contact in high-traffic areas.

HES Electric Strikes enable remote locking and unlocking of an automated door and are available for all frame types and applications, including low profile, outdoor rated, aluminium and glass.

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dormakaba Axessor IP Locks Secure Logix Credit Union

Convenience and security haven’t always been mutually beneficial, particularly for financial institutions and credit unions. Sometimes the necessary and important steps to ensure security stifle efficiency and add cost. However, dormakaba found just the right solution for the Logix Federal Credit

Logix was founded as the Lockheed Aircraft Employees Federal Credit Union in 1937. It ranks among the top credit unions in the nation by several raters. However, Logix had a security problem.

Most branches have multiple ATMs, a cash safe and a night depository. Branch employees have access to all or some of these based on a unique PIN. Code management was handled in the traditional way by sealing them in an envelope and sending to the credit union’s headquarters. If an employee had to float between branches, they had to have codes for multiple branches. When an employee left, the lock had to be reprogrammed by a locksmith to remove the employee’s code. The cost of code management increased while the level of security decreased, because codes were inactive in a lock that no longer had an employee assigned to it. Logix's solution: dormakaba’s Axessor IP lock series.

“We used or tested several access control solutions before turning to dormakaba,” says Hamid Abbassi, safety and security operations rep at Logix, adding that the locks helped the credit union reduce its costs. “The Axessor IP Locks allowed us to accomplish our goals and go one step further. Every branch now has the ability to include or exclude every user in every lock without worrying about capacity. There’s no more sharing combinations.”

Axessor locks, new to North America but available in Europe for 15 years, integrate the latest technical advances and meet all recognized safety standards. The modular electronic safe lock can be networked or used as a stand-alone unit. Axessor locks maintain up to 40 user codes and can be managed remotely. With the remote-access function, administrators can check the lock status and perform up to 10,000 audit events. The software isn’t connected to any database. It’s a stand-alone unit for unique eight-digit combinations. The Axessor solution is powered by house power with a battery backup. Its only requirement is attachment to a network cable running into the safe.

Abbassi says Axessor’s remote audit capability, a must-have in the financial industry, was another important selling point.

“The lock audit allows us to view history on every lock at every location from our desks, allowing us to verify users, track audits without error and troubleshoot potential problems,” he says. “The locks reprogram so easily, that once installed, there is virtually no need for service.”

Installation of the Axessor required a unique partnership between Logix and dormakaba to ensure that the transition from the old system would not disrupt daily branch operations. The rollout was seamless. In addition, Logix was able to remove a lot of administrative burden from individual branch managers and increase efficiency at every location.

“We’ve received numerous compliments on the Axessor locks and not a single complaint, which is difficult in today’s world,” Abbassi says. “And, speaking of today’s world, I can’t imagine what our COVID-19 response would have looked like without these locks. They made it simple and easy for us to move users between locations, reprogram forgotten combinations and manage users everywhere. None of this would have been possible in the current pandemic if we had not had Axessor locks already installed.”

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The security industry has lost one of the truly great ones: Lockmasters has announced the death of Mark C. Miller.

On Sept. 21, at about 7:05 a.m., Mark lost his battle with esophageal cancer at the age of 57. He was at home, surrounded by family and friends.

Mark was born Jan. 30, 1963, in Rochester, New York. Nicholasville, Kentucky, had been his home for 45 years. He is survived by his wife, Stephanie Buffin Miller; his daughters, Madeline Grae Miller and McKenzie Lane Miller; his sister, Sandra Miller Sheldon; his mother in law, Linda Maynard Brewer; his mother, Erika Mader Miller; and his father, James Clayton Miller. Mark was preceded in death by his grandmother Grey Benson Tate and his grandfather Harry Clayton Miller.

Mark was the owner and operator of Lockmasters Inc. During his 34-year career, Mark was one of the first certified Professional Safe Technicians, Hall of Fame member of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) and a Philadelphia Award recipient. He established Friends of SAVTA Auction, which raised over $500,000 for SAVTA education.

Mark traveled across the world teaching safe classes. He was truly an ambassador to the security professional industry. High-school and college students always were welcomed during the summer at Lockmasters, where they could learn real-life business and working skills. Mark’s humanity was obvious to his employees and community; he loved to give and help those in need.

He loved to spoil his daughters. He enjoyed traveling and spending time on his houseboat surrounded by his friends and family. He had a love for nice cars and car racing.

Mark was more than a lock expert, and although many knew him for his technical knowledge, most knew him as a fun-loving, good-natured, giving guy who always had a smile on his face.

One year after ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure hired Shayne Spears as vertical market manager for Oil & Gas, he has been promoted and now will serve in a dual role as national accounts manager. Based in Texas, Spears continues to report to Managing Director Jerry Burhans.

With his new responsibilities, Spears will work with Ray Marquis, ABLOY’s Vertical Market Manager - Distribution & OEM, to develop national accounts. Spears also will continue promoting the brand to ABLOY’s channel partners, working specifically with larger integrators and distributors throughout the United States.

“I’m looking forward to utilizing our distributor network and educating them about our CI capabilities,” Spears says. He joined ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure in September 2019 after accumulating 10 years of technical sales and business development experience and working for an oil and gas product manufacturing facility. “I think we can have a similar level of success that the Oil & Gas side of the business is experiencing.”

Spears referenced a key point when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in May recognized ABLOY’s high-security PL340 padlock for meeting regulations as a locking device for securing explosives magazines.

“To my knowledge, we are the only security lock company that had ATF inspect and verify their cylinder design,” Spears says. “That recognition has opened the doors for opportunities, and we have several trials taking place with end users at this time.”

Spears can be reached via email at [email protected].